Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A tummy virus, and softball games

Well baby Jude has what we think is a stomach virus, poor little guy. He didn't look well when I got home yesterday, and I felt bad leaving him to go to Emily's softball game. I knew he was in good hands with Mike, but I was still concerned. He was pale, and tired from not feeling well. He just kept laying his head on my chest, it's like I could hear him saying "momma". This morning he got up, and was smiling again so I knew he felt a bit better. Although he still had several messy diapers this morning. Mike has some homes he has to go look at today so if Jude's sickness continues I will probably leave work early. Jude doesn't look himself
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So I am really tired. Emily has had late softball games the last few nights, and it's thrown our routine off. I haven't been getting in bed until after midnight because there is always a lot to do when I finally get home at 9:45. I so love watching her games tho, so it's worth it. Her team lost last night, but they played their little hearts out. Emily had a great catch at second, and an awesome hit after the ump made her angry! He called a strike that she disagreed with. I saw her circle her little bat in the air, hit the home plate, and I said "Uh oh.....she is mad". Next thing I know WHAM.......the ball is traveling to outfield. Now if I could just teach the girl to run........she jogs to base. She has been a part of a wonderful team this year, with an incredible coach. It's always better to be part of an energetic postive team with a good coach.

Emily's smile boxes website is now up and going. I plan on getting a blog button made so people can help her out. Until that time here is the link: It's only one page right now, but as she makes boxes and drops them off we will add pictures.

Also little miss thing wrote a paper on bees for her school. Her last line was "I think the queen bee gets tired. I mean she has to get tired after having 2000 bees a day???" I cracked up!

I will be sure to post how Jude is doing. We have to keep a close eye on him for dehydration. I am hoping he perks up by this afternoon.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Poor Jude! I know it is awful on us as moms when the kids are sick, but harder on them!! Emily just cracks me up too!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh sick babies everywhere! BG started puking tonight. She didn't look good and about 4 hours later puked everywhere. I hope it doesn't happen with Jude.