Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Shmunday again

My blog is under construction today so please bear with me. You will see changes going on throughout the morning.

Anyway, it was an eventful weekend. Friday night Emily, and I sat making a basket full of purple and blue ribbons attached to childhood stroke information sheets. Emily was very proud of all the ribbons once we had completed them, and she seemed very geared up to spread the message. Saturday Em and I woke up at 7:30 to walk the neighborhood, and hand ribbons for national stroke awareness day. It was the perfect day because there was a neighborhood garage sale going on. Therefore, people could not escape us.......picture me with an evil laugh.
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Most everyone reacted very surprised when they heard that children could have strokes. They would ask us why we supported this cause, and we would calmly explain our story. They then wore their ribbons so everyone could see, and told us to keep in touch. There were a few that just tossed their ribbons aside, and said "thanks". They seemed to perk up when Emily told them her little brother in the stroller had a stroke, and they became very interested. My daughter has a way of putting someone in their place in a way the person enjoys it. It's rather comical! She also pipes up, "No one ever expects this to happen to them!". We explained what people could do to help prevent strokes, what to look for, and websites to visit. All in all it was a good day, and we even picked up a few bargains along the way. Once we got home Em convinced Mike to go back to a garage sale to look at a telescope she had found. She has always wanted one, but they are just an expense we don't need right now. So Mike took her, and they got a $400 telescope for $30! You can't beat a good garage sale.

After we got home Em and I fell into the couch because we were exhausted from walking so far. After awhile I fixed lunch, and then my grandmother in town from Missouri came to visit with my aunt. I was thrilled she was able to see the kids, and get to see Jude smile some. My family and I are very close so it's always wonderful when we get to see each other.
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Later that night I had plans for my friend Michelle to come over. We needed a girls night in, and time to have some much needed down time. The poor girl just didn't realize all the kids in the neighborhood would wind up at my house for pot roast. We had fun though talking about TV shows, and their school. I finally shoo'd all the kids to their room so Michelle, and I could enjoy some girl time. So the kids entertained themselves with a movie while they laid down on their pallet for bed. Mike was in charge of watching them while we indulged in our wine and movie. By the way, when Michelle walked through the door I was very impressed that she was wearing a ribbon to spread awareness. Hooray Fleck!!! I was so happy.
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While we were upstairs watching movie Jude decided everything was funny. He laughed, and smiled for about forty five minutes, and I think Michelle got a kick out of this. He did have a small seizure while she was there, but they are still very weak. I emailed the nurse this morning asking her if we needed to increase his medication or wait until the doctor visit. I am also a little concerned with the fact that he has little interest now in baby food. I am wondering how this will work as he starts growing older.

So Sunday I had posted Mike, and Emily went geo-caching (or whatever it's called) where you hunt treasures. Here is a picture of them once they got home looking up their coordinates. I made them include Jude.
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Although he was more interested in what I was doing, and I think he was wondering why I sat him down.
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Later that night Mike, and I finished a movie, and I got ready for bed. I moped around because I knew I would be away from Jude today, but I finally gave in and fell asleep. Now I have the week ahead of me. I am at work, but our systems are down so there is little I can do. I am also officially back on my diet!!! I am limiting my calories, no sweets, no wine, and working out. The working out won't begin until tomorrow though because I need my routine from Mike, and my jaw still hurts.My goal is to lose ten pounds, and fit back into my pre baby size 6 jeans! Wish me luck..... I think I may need it. Now off to fix my lean cuisine.


Nancy said...

You're doing a wonderful thing by sharing awareness. I think it's awesome that your daughter is so involved also.

Your kids are really adorable.

Midwest Mommy said...

I am liking the new layout! Super cute.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.