Thursday, April 30, 2009

A new chair!

So I walked in from work yesterday, and I see a new blue baby chair on our living room floor! We have been assigned a new therapist through ECI, and she happens to be fabulous! She had told us last week she was going to bring Jude a new chair he can sit in while eating. We had been let down by the other therapist never providing what she promised, so this was a pleasant surprise! I decided I wanted to see how the chair worked, and decided to put Jude in it. He wanted no part of it.

Jude thinking, "I am not happy about this at all!"
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Jude saying, "The paci is NOT going to help.....get me out!"
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Anyway, the therapist also worked with Jude on tracking objects. We found that he likes his bright red Elmo doll, and that he is on level one of the vision issue. I am rather uneducated on what that means so I plan to review her paperwork tonight. I am encouraged about the Elmo doll, because Jude would laugh at it when we played with him.

Jude was cracking me up last night. He wanted me to hold him, and only me to hold him. Mike, and Emily were playing to "towel popping" game with each other, and just being loud in general. Every time one of them would yell Jude would get this really concerned look on his face, with a furrowed brow, and look directly at me. I reassured him that it was nothing to worry about... that his family is just crazy.

Have a good day, and support childhood stroke awareness!!!


AshleyS said...

Clayton used this same chair forever! We loved it because it was the first time he was in something that wasn't "baby."

Colleen said...

Hi there! I'm forward to learning more about your journey and about childhood stroke awareness.I hope your son will start to adjust soon to his new cool chair!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have a new good therapist! Jude deserves the best!
Parker works with a light box. You may want to ask about this. It has really helped improve her eyesight. Her vision specialist called Parker her "Star Student" because she had progressed more in 6 months than others do in years.
Parker also likes red. Next to black and white contrasting toys, red is her favorite. I guess I need to get her an Elmo, too!!!
BTW, every time I hear that Waynewright daughter song I think of little Maddie. Bless that angel!

Midwest Mommy said...

Isn't it the best when they look to you for protection! I love it.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

We have one of these chairs for Finnian like Jude some days he doesn't want to sit in it. We love it it gets thrown in the back of the van everywhere we go along with his comforter for the floor.
Well done to the therapist for getting it for him.

Patti said...

My grandson has the same first he loved it now it's a game to him...will I be OK or scream...I understand from our therapist they can have the child kneel in the sit to help get strength tot he back muscles....Jayden's a little to short to do that but we LOVE the chair. (Ours is red)