Thursday, April 9, 2009

Terrorist Thursday

So it's raining in Arkansas! Mike, Emily and myself drove into Glendale, and found a place to eat for lunch. We also drooled over the houses with tons of acreage, and pretty creeks. We found out that we are only about twenty five minutes from Hot Springs so we will be going there tomorrow. We plan to find a nice place to eat for dinner for Mike's birthday. Jude was good during our little outing, and his medication is still holding his seizures at bay. We did forget to bring the medication with us on our outing, but we were home at 2:30 so all was well.

All was well until we walked in the door anyway!!!!!! Mike brought his littlest terrorist Jack, because our dog fence isn't working at home. Jack is so tiny that he can slip through our rod iron fence on our greenbelt. Of all three of the Jack Russell's, Jack is the best. He is well mannered, quiet, minds well, and is overall just a good dog...........NORMALLY! We had put Jack in the large master bathroom of the cottage while we were away. We made him a bed, and left him plenty of food and water. To our great surprise Jack SHREDDED the blinds in the window. He was just sitting in the window sill looking at us as we walked up. I gasped, and Mike just lowered his head. I guess Jack got very upset when the rain started pouring, and he had separation anxiety. Anyway, Mike had to take a long walk of shame to the marina store to tell them that his naughty Terrorist destroyed the house already. To our surprise they were very nice, and told him not to worry about it. In fact, they were more concerned with the fact we would be inconvienienced without blinds, and said they would replace them ASAP. Let's check this place off as a vacation spot to re-visit in the future!

So Mike has determined that he is unlucky on this trip because he also broke Emily's camera. I assured him that all will be great, and we will still have a wonderful time. I also pointed out that we are lucky, because the marina let us off the hook.

Jude just woke up, and Em put him in our bed and they are watching cartoons's pretty cute!

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