Friday, April 24, 2009

Boys will be boys, and Kids will be kids

So I think I mentioned that Mike attended Emily's teacher conference because I had to work. The teacher schedules two a year just to go over your child's progress. A fellow friend of ours say Mike there, and she mentioned how impressed her was that Mike knows so many of Emily's classmates. She said when Mike walked by all the little kids would yell "Hey Mikey!! Hi Mikey!!!". This was not only within Emily's class, but throughout the other classes too.

Would you like to know WHY? Because my darling husband is still a little boy himself sometimes. Below is an actual film he and Emily made together, and then set to music. Prior to shooting the movie, they got treats from the ice cream man.......they all got treats......even my hubby. Boys will be boys! Gotta love them.

Now here is the video, I hope you have a good laugh! Click on the link, I couldn't get it to embed today.


Midwest Mommy said...

I think my husband wants to be friends with him too, lol!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Maybe we should set up a play date for the boys.

Ellen said...

That video made me laugh! I am glad they have such good times together.

I am sorry I have not visited in a while, I have gotten sucked into work/craziness of life. I loved that shot of Jude sleeping on Mike, I have similar pictures of Max on Dave.

I was so excited to see the video with Jude's laugh!!! And hear that he is smiling when you call his name. These are good signs! I could not watch the video of Jude's seizure, because I would have gotten too upset. I have never gotten over the grand mal Max had when he was one and a half.

I hope you guys have a good weekend--

Holly Mackerel said...

I have no words.....