Friday, April 17, 2009

A humble thank you

I would like to thank all those that contributed to March of Babies. I just got involved with this project, and I am afraid I didn't have much time prior to the walk date to reach my goal of $500. I am happy to announce that we have exceeded the goal by $165, and the number is still climbing! I have incredible friends, family, and supporters. I know this money will be put to GREAT use! I plan on volunteering with this organization as much as I possibly can. Jude was not a preemie, but premature babies carry a greater chance of having a brain bleed or as stroke, therefore any organization that can help in research is one I want to help!! Maddie inspired me to get my tail end moving, so little Maddie this is for you! I picture purple balloons drifting into the sky, and I hope it makes you smile. Please see the tribute Maddie's parents did for her here:

Jude has inspired me to set up a walk for Pediatric stroke awareness. I am targeting September, and I have already talked with several other moms who's children were afflicted by strokes. We are all looking forward to working on this event, and getting to know each other better.

Remember that strokes are fast becoming one of the top ten killers in children. There is little that can be done with an in utero stroke like Jude, but there are a few things. I plan on posting some stroke awareness tips in the upcoming days. Until that time you can research information on this website: Emilie runs this website, and has been a blessing to me with information, and answers.

I have to run or I would give you more information right now. It's Emily's weekend to go to her dads, and I would like a hug before she leaves. I have been so busy at work I have not had a chance to chat with her.

Have a blessed weekend.

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Mara said...

Let me know- we may have to come to your end of the state for a walk for strokes : ) hugs !