Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashionista I am not

So Jude was rather grumpy last when I got home, and I didn't get very many smiles. He just wanted to be held which is generally what he does when something is bothering him. He then fell asleep, and finally got up for a bit to take his medication and drifted back off. I am hoping that he is feeling okay, and was just tired. This morning he woke up about 7:45, and his eyes were darting like they do during a seizure. I am positive they will up his medication at his appointment in May. We worked with Jude a bit last night, and this morning on holding his head up more. The therapist has indicated that Jude has very strong legs thus giving him an advantage to someday being able to walk. The issue is that he still doesn't have the best head control. He has no problem lifting his head, but a few seconds into holding his head up it flops backwards. We will keep working on this, because our goal is to get Jude to sit, and walk.

Here is a pic of Emily helping Jude learn his colors on his music player that Kelly and Sarah purchased him.
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So I am a huge fan of taking very hot bubble baths each night. This is my way to unwind and I love it. I normally pour myself a glass of white wine, grab a magazine, and soak in the bath tub for at least twenty minutes. That is my "me time", and a way for me to unwind from the daily grind. Somehow I have always pictured my stress as dirt washing away in the hot water, and it makes me feel better. Last night my magazine of choice was the subscription of Elle my aunt purchased for me. I love flipping through the pages admiring the beautiful clothes, and sparkly jewelry. I picture how great the pieces would look on, and imagine going grand places in them. Last night I found a pair of strappy Sandals with an African edge to them particularly appealing. ....until I saw the $1492 price tag...REALLY? I know that I cannot understand having the type of money where you can spend almost $1500 on shoes, ONE pair of shoes. I would like to say that if I did have that type of money I would still be in my tennis shoes and jeans, but who knows. I have learned from my experience with Jude you never know WHAT you will do until you are actually in that situation. I can tell you that as much as I like fashion, I am not a fashionista, and would not fit in the lovely pages of Elle. I prefer a nice pair of Jeans, a nice shirt, and high heels if I am going out with a matching necklace. I do love jewelry, but I prefer costume jewelry over expensive diamonds, and precious stones. I have never understood the ridiculous prices placed on diamonds, and what people go through for them. Besides jewelry winds up coming off my body about half way through the day because I get annoyed with it. My co-worker Sarah has always laughed that my rings, necklace, and earrings will be sitting on my desk about noon. I guess I am a mix of fashion breeds because I love looking at the beautiful pieces, but I also want to be comfortable. Plus my kids clothes come before mine so I am a bit tattered lately. I believe I am beginning to resemble Annie prior to being adopted by Daddy Warbucks, I am kidding. As far as stars go I have always thought Charlize Theron dressed beautiful with class.

Anyway, on to another topic. So Mike, and I were watching "Heckler" last night, which is a documentary staring Jamie Kennedy. Basically Jamie is talking about bloggers......., well not my type of blogging, but those that review movies. He and others stars were talking about how critics can affect them personally, and emotionally. Now that blogging was invented there are now non professional movie reviewers, therefore stars are subjected to even more scrutiny. I myself think that reviews from the average Joe could be beneficial, BUT I do see his point. I have never considered the fact that when we talk about movies we discuss how the star is bad, not that the star is bad in the movie. Does that make sense? He pointed out one reviewer that stated "Jamie Kennedy sucks and must be stopped", not that "Jamie Kennedy was horrible in this movie and his acting abilities need work". Therefore, it sounds like a personal attack on him,and I am sure that can be damaging. The funniest part of the show was that Jamie was confronting these reviewers in person, and they were very flustered. I like that he showed us the human side of hollywood. As much as stars benefit from their lifestyle I am sure it can be very trying too. Years ago I wrote to People magazine when they covered a piece on Leonard DiCaprio after the premier of Titanic. I told them I couldn't imagine being in a position where I could not run into a mall due to being mobbed. That it must be aggravating sometimes not being able to stop at the grocery store, or anywhere without being surrounded by people and paparazzi.
I understand a star subjects themselves to this, but it still must be hard....just think about it. In response to my People ad I had an older woman I know tell me "Well that's what they get, especially those dumb women like Madonna!". Really??? I responded "I think dumb would be the incorrect word to use considering she is one of the wealthiest women in the world....she seems rather smart to me". So I sometimes wonder if we sat back and realized how critical we are of others, and worked on being positive, how our own personal lives would change. Why must we always have something negative to say about someone? Is it human nature? What do you think?


jocalyn said...

I think if I had the money, I would totally buy a pair of $1500 shoes. And designer jeans are my favorite thing in the world. But, heck, if I had the money, I would also have great places to go to wear them and a personal trainer in my home everyday so I'd look good in them! But, I don' its off to the sale rack I go in search of comfy shoes and baggy shirts. And I look at my designer jeans in my closet every day in hopes of some day fitting in them again. I too love magazines with fashion. And I subscribe to US weekly!!!

Cjengo said...

I do too Jocalyn!!! ha

Midwest Mommy said...

I am going to pray that he is able to sit up and walk for you. One of my very good friend's niece has severe CP (caused during delivery) and was told she would never walk, crawl or talk. I just saw her a couple weeks ago (she is now 5 years old) walking with leg braces and saying some words. I am keeping your little guy in my thoughts and prayers.