Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am busy again at work, but I will update real quick. Jude had a decent night. He came home very cranky from Mike's moms house, so therefore he wasn't the perfect angel he normally is. I am not sure if it's because she held him all day, and he was a bit spoiled, or if something was bothering him. I tried feeding him, but he did take a little but not much. We followed the same routine as the night before, and Jude went to sleep about 9:30, and again didn't wake up until this morning. He was pretty groggy this morning, so I am praying that we are not having a repeat of the medication nightmare. If you recall, he was very cranky last time prior to his hospital stay, and slept a lot. I did just check with Mike's mom, and Jude has been awake for awhile so that is a bit reassuring. I will be going over there for lunch to administer his medications again. I am hoping to see a little smiling face.

So I had mentioned that the MDC Program has been a bit frustrating. The poor girl at Walgreens reaped my rath yesterday. It never fails that every time I got to pick up Jude's medication from them there is an issue of some sort. I now have my primary insurance, and the MDC provides Medicaid that will be secondary. When I arrived at Walgreens to pick up his medications she announced the total would be $181. WHAT???????? Somehow they deleted my primary insurance, but I still had issues once she got Aetna's information back in the system. Turns out my primary insurance turned the medication down because they need a pre-authorization {whatever that means}, and Medicaid said Jude had met his max out of pocket for the month. How do you meet a max out of pocket when you have never used the insurance before, AND there isn't suppose to be a max???? Could someone explain this to me? I was so frustrated that I felt like screaming. So I have spent time calling around between the pharmacy, the insurance, the doctor, etc AGAIN to try to get something covered. I am hoping that at some point all of this gets easier. Sometimes I truly wish these people could step into my shoes........I wonder how they would handle things?

We have less than 24 hours, and we will be leaving on our vacation...WOO WOO! I will try to update from there, but I will not be able to upload pictures until I get back. If you are wondering I have checked into the best local hospital, and we know that Jude will be covered in case anything should go wrong. I know it won't though, and I cannot wait!

Here is a pic of Juders when he got home from the hospital. His daddy thought he needed a comfy bed.
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~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Jen, as a pharmacy tech (15 years) I can explain a couple things I think... Your primary insurance, Aetna, needs a pre auth to pay for the medicine. Kinda of like going to see a speicialist before they pay for it. They want to make sure it is medically needed yadda yadda. I am sure it is a given for this ceratin meds, but it is like asking permission to save your son from his seizures. Sucks. As far as the medicaid. I would be calling and finding out exactly what they mean by out of pocket expense. If he is on CHIPS then there is an out of pocket, but since Jude is not even one he should be on regular medicaid. They have programs for children with special needs for medicaid insurance so I would make sure they have him on the right program. Jude should have no out of pocket expense. Go easy on the girl at Walgreens lol. She is the middle man and caught between you and the insurance company.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

Well it looks like he got some sleep!! =)