Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just talked to Mike, and he said that Jude slept all night which is great. He also said the nurses came in at 5am to draw blood, and Jude was so asleep he didn't flinch. I guess the poor boy was so tired from his struggle that he just needed his sleep. He then woke up about 8am, and took a bottle, and his medication. I am glad to hear that Jude is beginning to resemble himself again. During this latest episode I was telling Mike I really felt like Jude's issue could be reflux, and he was saying he felt that Jude was experiencing new things that were scary. Strange that we were both correct because it has turned out to be a combination of those items. I believe as parents of medically needy children you begin to develop a sixth sense about what may be wrong with your child. I had told the nurse yesterday that I had been insistent to the doctor that Jude was NOT himself, and she said that was good because he was so dehydrated.

Yesterday after we arrived in our room, child life came and brought Jude a mobile to look at. Here is our little Jude staring at his new toy. Notice how he is arching his back a bit, this is also new since the medication.
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Mike said that Jude will go for his swallow study after 10:30 so he cannot have anything to eat or drink at that point. I am assuming his EEG will be later in the day, thus reassuring us Jude will not be going home until tomorrow. I am going to work through lunch today, and leave at 4:30 to grab Emily, pack clothes for my two men, and head to the hospital. It's a long drive from our house, but the hospital it well worth it. Although, I did get lost in the great monstrosity yesterday while trying to obtain food for Mike and I. About 30 mins later Mike called my cell phone wondering where I was at. I explained I was in some stairwell in some tower after being all over the complex. He finally got me back to the room. Yes, laugh all you want.

When I got home last night I took a hot bath, and got very frustrated with my conditioner. I don't understand why all manufacturers don't make their bottles pumps. When you have a regular bottle the last half of your conditioner gets stuck, and it's like trying to put shoes on a cat to get it out. I could tell I was emotionally worn out because I was very angry at the plastic bottle sitting in front of me. Despite my tiedness, note to manufacturers please make your shampoo, conditioner, and facial creams PUMPS! At least then you only need to open the bottle at the very last drops not when it's still half full.

So one of the reasons I need to be back at work today is to field phone calls from the catastrophe hail storm we had here in Texas on Monday night. For those of you that don't know me I have been an insurance agent for almost 15 years. Texas is the second most expensive state to carry insurance in and I would like to show you why.
Exhibit A ~ No that is not's hail......outside my house
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Our area received a downpour of hail from gumball to baseball size. I have dealt with several storms like this including the 1995 disaster that hit us. That year we had grapefruit sized hail that shattered windows, destroyed roofs, and inflicted damage in the billions! It sounds like it would be scary to live in Texas, but I actually love it. Besides our sometimes nasty spring weather it's a great place to live with wonderful and friendly people.

So, I talked about things other than Jude today. Maybe it's a distraction so I won't focus on the fact I cannot be there with him today. He needs his insurance so I am going to be busy working. It is also the fact I know he is in great hands with his loving daddy. Mike keeps texting me about every 30 minutes giving me updates, and even sent me a picture of Jude today. We are praying today that Jude's swallow study goes well, his medication works without any effects, and that he begins eating normally.


andrea said...

still praying for jude. aaron is also on prevacid for reflux, and it helps a million. i hope jude comes home quickly.

Bird said...

I used to live in Wichta Falls (ever heard of it?) and I was once almost caught in one of those wicked hail storms! My hubby and I were headed into Target when it hit and we missed it by a few seconds Whew! His car wasn't so lucky.

Still praying for Jude! Sounds like he's feeling better. Charlie got dehyration once and we landed in the hospital for three days. Seizure meds and dehydration are a terrible combo.