Monday, April 13, 2009


Mike said Jude was very cranky today whenever the therapist came, and was not cooperative. Mike suspected his reflux was acting up, and quickly administered Jude's medication. Within ten minutes the therapist, and Mike noticed an improved difference in Jude. The therapist then began to work with Jude on sitting up, rolling over, and unclinching his fists. The therapist also asked if the Vision ECI center had contacted us by phone yet, and we told her they had not. She then saw a slight smile from Jude, and she was very happy. She said that before she felt Jude was just a baby that was over medicated doing whatever we wanted him to do. He is now a baby that still has severe issues, but expresses resistance to things he doesn't like, and acceptance to those things he does like. She said that is a large accomplishment, and that made us very happy.

Without drowning in our happiness we do try to keep a level mind. I had mentioned that Jude is showing signs of break through seizures. I saw this activity again tonight, and I mentioned it to Mike who confirmed he had noticed it too. Jude does a rhythmic motion with his arms dancing over his head, and his eyes seem to wiggle to the right. These are the dancing moves of seizures, and I have mentioned before that I feel like seizures are demons. I can understand why the uneducated in the centuries before ours believed this was a sickness of those afflicted with possession. It seems that once you get the seizures under control they find a way to combat what is holding them at bay, and surface again. With time I believe the seizures will begin to increase again so this will cause an increase in the medication. The good news is we found a medication that works, and we have room to raise the dosage if needed.

Mike picked Jude up today and sat him on his tummy singing, "You are are my Sunshine". I began talking to Jude in my high pitched voice, and he smiled SOOO big. I told Mike, "I remember the little handicapped girl in her wheelchair at Emily's softball game. Her dad was hugging on her, and seemed to look right through her disabilities. At the time I felt sorry for him that he had a child with such handicaps. Now I understand why he hugged on her so much, because you just love and appreciate everything your children do despite their limitations". Mike followed that statement up with, "You are just thankful for what Jude accomplishes, and you love him regardless". I just nodded my head yes. It made me a bit teary.

As mentioned before the terrorists (Jack Russells) have been found so everyone can relax....sigh. To my dismay they are again in my back yard tearing it apart. I do love Mike's dogs.........well I love Jack mostly, but I would sound like a pet hater if I said I have issues with Spot. I will admit it though........I do have issues with Spot ........ because he is a just an instigator. He is the one that starts EVERYTHING!!!! He bites, he chews, he just is BE BE! He gets walked, etc.... he is just onry! When the Brady bunch merged I don't remember there being a butt sniffing, blanket humping, ground digging, baby trampling, duckling killing, cat killing, Houdini that ate everything in site. He is Marley times 200!!! Mike is currently trying to convince me that Spot is a special needs dog, but I told him not to EVEN pull that card.

Good night all!

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