Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excellent childhood stroke video

Below I am listing a link to a childhood stroke video in honor of pediatric stroke awareness week. I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch it. The first little boy Brady holds his hands in ways that remind me of Jude. I am beginning to see Jude's stroke more and more in his physical appearance.

Jude had a bleeding stroke, and it caused a migration disorder. Our brain cells come from the Choroid Plexus, and according to the neurologist that's were Jude's stroke was. That is also were the clefts from the Schizencephaly are. One of the causes of Schizencephaly is a "vascular insult". In the MRI you can clearly see where Jude's vascular event was. I hope I have all this medical terminology correct, but this is my understanding of what we were told.

I hope this video helps someone out. I have been working on a little video of Jude in honor of this week, and I hope to have it up tomorrow. Please remember Jude on Saturday on national pediatric stroke awareness day, and wear blue and purple. Thank you.

*** I found the link to this video on the CHASA website. CHASA, thank you for your continous informational resources.


Midwest Mommy said...

Very informative!

Ellen said...

That is a very good video. Thanks, Jenn. I hope you guys are doing well.

Long ago, a doctor told me not to take Max's MRI to heart. MRI film can only tell you so much. It tells you that there was brain damage. It cannot tell you how a child might overcome or compensate for the brain damage.

It's why we never again got an MRI of Max's brain. We try to focus on what he's doing, and keep the faith in that.

Take care--