Saturday, April 4, 2009


So we had a full day today. Emily had to be at softball early today for practice, and then her game. Emily was incredible again, and has really had a fire lit under her tail this year. She has always been great at softball, but now she has just really shown she loves the game. She brought two runners home, caught a pop fly, and pitched great. I was very proud of her! Jude came a long, and spent the better part of her game smiling at everyone that walked by.

After the softball game we packed in the car to go get Emily fitted for my sisters wedding. She is going to be a junior bridesmaid, and really believes she is hot stuff due to her title! She is getting a "grown up" dress ,and it's very cute on her. Jude went with us on that trip as well, and all the women at the bridal store cooed over Jude.

Jude is doing fairly well on his eating, but he is still not up to par. We have to force the nipple into his mouth before he will start sucking on it. Although, he is also acting a bit more....... "normal". I hate that word, but it's true. He smiles, cries, sleeps, and just seems to enjoy life. I am holding on and treasuring this time with him. You can see Jude's CP, but honestly all I see is a happy baby.

I did have my first episode of having to hold my tongue amongst those who are ignorant. I heard two mothers talking about how overindulgence in children creates problems with their behavior. I agree that spoiling your children without teaching them responsibility can be detrimental. Although, she then said "Yeah my sister has a son that's totally disabled, like he is in a wheelchair, yet she still buys him NEW brand names shoes and his feet cannot even touch the ground in his chair. It seems like such a waist". Stop........hammer time.............I almost SLAPPED A HO! I understand that in all practical purposes this may be true, but is the kid a waist too? Does he not deserve the same things other children have?

So we are now barricaded in our house because they just turned the highway into a one way. A person cannot even get a pizza in my area due to the race traffic. Although, I am so happy to be inside with my family. I am cooking stuffed bell peppers, and listening to the dog next door yell bark bark bark.

Have a great weekend.


Jennifer said...

Katelynn was the same way when she was in my wedding, thought she was hot stuff about being a "bridesmaid" and not just a simpleton that is a flower girl. LOL!

mom2nji said...

Please post some smiling pics! I am glad he is home and doing better. You are an incredible family. And I dont know how you didnt slap the ho! I would have gone ballistic on her! As a mom of an autistic child I have gone nuts on more than one ignorant person. But I may not be as calm as you are!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even tell you how important those designer shoes are to a mother of a child who uses a wheelchair.

The woman who said that must have a very poor understanding of her sister, or a very poor relationship with her.

A slap would not have helped her.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I will hand you your hammer and hold her down for you! That was just crap. What size shoe does Jude wear? I will make sure our Juders has the best SHOES ever and you make sure he wears them every time you see her and even change them around a few times with her there! ha! Stupid people don't know they are stupid.

Bird said...

I agree with therextras here--this woman obviously has a horrible relationship with her sister to be saying that about her nephew. Charlie may not be physically perfect, but he is LOVED by my entire family.