Sunday, April 26, 2009

A busy weekend

I am afraid I have been so busy this weekend that I have had little time to blog. Emily had another softball game Sat morning, and again they won. They are now 3 and 0, so we are hoping for another championship. Her games are so exciting, and everyone gets so excited when watching them. After that we had softball pictures, and after that we visited a friend Linda who was judging a pageant in Dallas. We went, and watched her daughter for awhile so she could finish judging. Her daughter, and my Emily grew up together, and had a great time hanging out together. Today we have a baby shower for my friend Shelley I had blogged about who adopted her baby.

Jude has been a little trooper all weekend, but today he is sleeping a lot. I think he is just worn out from running around. He is laying here on his mat, and has his hands out stretched over his head while he is sound asleep. I have been trying to work with Jude on sitting up this weekend, but he wants no part of it. He cries because he gets frustrated. I am hoping the therapists will begin pursuing getting him to sit. The therapist said they will be providing a chair for Jude to sit in while he eats, so that is great news.

If you remember I had posted that little Maddie Sphor had passed away, and we were raising funds for March for Babies in her honor. Yesterday, Maddie's mom attended the March for Babies event. If you have a moment I would like you to read her speech The video is even more moving! Thanks to those who helped contribute towards a worthy cause.

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Midwest Mommy said...

I hope she gets you a chair, that is awesome.

I am having an incredibly lazy day today, lol. It just now stopped raining at 1:45 in the afternoon so maybe I will work on getting off the laptop and getting dressed, lol