Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Madness

I have been swamped at work trying to catch up on emails, phone calls, and more. I am currently taking lunch so I thought I would update the blog. I was very tired this morning after the drive home, and the grill fire experience. I also really didn't want to leave Jude after being with him for five days. Luckily, he woke up right before I was leaving and I got a huge smile when I said good morning. Jude has a therapy session today at 3:30, and I am anxious to hear what she has to say about his new interest in expressing emotion. He is still clinching his fists so I think we are going to need to pursue the splints to keep his hands open. We also received information in the mail regarding vision therapy for Jude, and will be pursuing this avenue as well. Jude does seem to be experiencing some sort of spasm through his medication. It is barely noticeable, but it is something I will keep an eye on. It is still nothing compared to what we were dealing with before.

While on our vacation I noticed a lot of little boys digging in the dirt at the diamond mine. They would jump in and out of holes, getting as filthy as possible. It made me a little sad for Jude, but it also made me realize that I love this little boy very much. I read another moms blog that had a baby that had a stroke at birth. Strokes at birth can happen due to the lack of oxygen to the baby, the use of forceps, etc. Anyway, she said that once the doctor came in to tell her what happened she immediately thought, "I don't want a retarded baby". No one does, and it was a profound and honest statement from her. I am sure every mother thinks that very thought when the doctor initially breaks the news. I now realize just how lucky I am to have such a special little boy in my life. I am truly blessed!

While on our vacation I spent some time with my two aunts. One night we were sitting around just talking about life in general. My aunt Caron was there and we talked in detail about the day my mom died. I haven't mentioned my mom a lot on my blog, but most people that know me know this happened. When I was seven my mom passed away unexpectedly at my grandmothers house. I won't go into the details, but it was tragic, disturbing, and pretty much shut my family down for years. She told me that everyone has one dynamic person in their family that holds everyone together. The person that calls, plans, and is just overall sweet to everyone. She said this was my mom. It was interesting hearing details I never knew before, but sad that one persons outcome can affect so many others. So if you ever wonder if you make a difference in the world, I promise you that you do. Also, get life insurance!

It was nice spending time with them all. My aunt Caron and her husband Shawn own a chocolate factory in Springfield. He was a well known criminal defense attorney that gave his career up to follow his dream of becoming a chocolatier! He now has one of the only bean to bar chocolate factories in the nation. It's primarily dark chocolate which is good for you, and they even make their on cocoa power, and cocoa butter. You can see their chocolate here:

My cousin came and hung out with us as well, but I didn't get as much time with her as I would have liked to. She lives by me though, so I will see her soon. It's hard being with a large group sometimes, and can be a bit chaotic, but it was so fun!!! I am anxious to go back again. I am thankful we all got this chance to build some memories together, and that we all got home safe and sound.

By the way, I highly recommend the Self Creek Lodge in Kirby Arkansas. They were wonderful, friendly, and did the best they could to offer a pleasant stay at their lodge. If you are going to take a trip anywhere this year you might consider their resort. It sits on Lake Greeson, and is close to Hot Springs, and other attractions.

I am waiting to hear from Mike regarding Jude's therapy, and I will update on his progress tomorrow. Until then here are a few vacation pictures.

Jude in the car playing with his sister.
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Our cabin
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Emily outside
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Ps. We have recovered the dogs............not sure if I am happy about the terrorists return...jk!

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AshleyS said...

love the pics and glad you had a relaxing trip--and especially glad you got to remember new things about your mom.