Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good day

I got a lot accomplished today. I packed my bags, Jude's and Emily's for our trip to Arkansas. I did loads of laundry, and also baked banana bread, and a cake. I also picked up the house, and kept Jude while Mike had a day to himself. Mike and Emily played with his race car outside. They built a little ramp, and spent the better part of the day jumping the little car over and over. Two other children from the street came out, and played with them. Emily brought her camera out, and got several pictures, and video's. They had a great time, and Mike came in refreshed. He looked at me and told me he loves our family, and how much he adores Emily. It made my heart smile.

Jude seemed to have a few tiny breakthrough spasms today, but NOTHING like what we used to deal with. I am so grateful that his seizures seem to be under control for the time being. It is so incredible to feel a little back to normal. We can go out places without worrying about a seizure attack. Jude also did an AWESOME job tonight lifting himself up on his arms. I was so proud, and Mike got several pictures. I will post the pictures as soon as I can. He would balance himself on his arms for awhile, and did a great job of holding his head up. Jude is such an inspiration to me, and he is fighting so hard! He is giving us hope where we thought there was none. Keep fighting little boy....mommy loves you!

I tried so hard to get pictures of Jude smiling this weekend, but he would not cooperate. Every time my flash went off and snapped the pic, he would smile after. I will eventually get a great snapshot, and post it for all to see.

We are continuing to pray for Jude's improved health, and healing. We hope that by stopping the seizures his brain although damaged will continue to develop. I am so looking forward to taking my babies away Wednesday. It's not a luxurious vacation, but it will be the perfect vacation! Quiet, beauty, and family. I am looking forward to it, and plan to just relax.

So I will be working tomorrow, and Tuesday but after that it's time to pack the vehicles, and off we go. I have a full two days prior to leaving with chores, and events. Emily has a choir concert on Tuesday, and she is looking forward to it. She keeps walking around the house singing all kinds of songs.

Today is my cousins little sons birthday, and I wish him many bday wishes!! Everyone have a great week.