Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend update

The weekend was good. Mike, and I had a nice time on Saturday out by ourselves for awhile. Mike joked around a lot, and we both seemed to just relax. Later that afternoon we went home, and played with Jude. He was a good boy most of the weekend, and was a cuddle bug. He is also what I now deem my "plumpy pumpkin!". According to the doctor this morning Jude has already gained two pounds, but he needs to go to the bathroom so I doubt that is accurate. The doctor told Mike that she does hear crackling, and rattling in Jude's lungs. She suggested we get another chest x ray to make sure the infection is gone. Jude is no longer running a fever at all, so I think this is just from the tube.

Yesterday we marked the opening day of football season. I made a wonderful lunch consisting of teryaki glazed Salmon, stuffed sweet peppers, and spinach with cherry tomato's drizzles in olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. I was rather proud of my healthy meal, but Mike walked in and said, "What the He$$ is this?? This isn't FOOTBALL food, are you trying to kill me?". Although, he ate it all up.

Jude got ready for the game too, but unfortunately his team spirit couldn't save the game.
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This is a look at Jude's pallet we made him while he eats. He is on a large wedge, with the bobby under his tail, and pillows for him to rest on. He seems to really like it.
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We have started clearing out the dining room to convert it into Jude's room. I am really excited about the fact he will have his own room near us. We also put in a call regarding a sleep safe twin bed, and they are working on getting us one. I plan to put shelving in Jude's room to store all his medical supplies. I feel like this will make the house more manageable. I am lucky we had this spare room, and for the family helping us get this done.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

He looks adorable in his Cowboys clothes! :) I need outfits for my boys! We watched last night too with daddy! Though we live in Louisiana (minutes from Texas) Daddy grew up loving the Cowboys before Saints existed so he roots for both unless playing each other like on Thanksgiving! :) lol anyway, I can't wait to see the sleep safe bed! I have heard good things about them :)


Denise said...

Such good news!!! I am always amazed by the amount of love in your family ... it is so beautiful and heartwarming to see!! Keep up the good fight and may God bless you all over there!!

Denise (China)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Jude is feeling better, he is so adorable. I am also glad both you and Mike are feeling better. Your family is in my prayers.