Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jude is out of surgery

Jude is out of surgery, and is currently resting in the PICU. They are currently having a hard time controlling his pain, and are trying to find the right combination of medications. Even though Jude has not opened his eyes fully awake from the anesthesia he is bucking backwards, screaming, and holding his breath until he turns blue. I think it's scaring our nurse a bit, Jude always gives them a run for their money. The hospital is amazing as usual. We either have a nurse in Jude's room, or sitting right outside his door the whole time.

The surgery team has also been amazing! They were all very reassuring and asked as many questions as they could. Before they took Jude back we laid him on the bed, and we both kissed him goodbye. Suddenly Jude looked at me, and his bottom lip puckered out, and he let out a huge wail. It's as if he understood what was going on....and I think he did. Is it crazy that I actually felt relief that my son was upset before surgery? My heart also ached for him so I asked for a warm blanket. I wrapped him up tight, kissed him on the forehead, and laid him in the arms of the anesthesiologist. She walked him back to the surgery room instead of wheeling him in.

After the surgery they came and gave us instructions on where to go for the PICU. When we got to the waiting room there was a family crying in the corner, and you could tell they had lost a child. My heart broke for them. Later that afternoon I walked out to the waiting area, and I overheard a staff member explaining where they should go for burial assistance. The mom was sitting holding her daughters baby blanket, and not saying a word, just crying. I wanted to write her a check for the burial myself, but I didn't have the money to give her. I went back into the room in tears, and Mike listened to my story, and then he cried. We felt for them, and I wanted to do something for them, but I couldn't.

I know that story is sad, but I did want to share it. We should all be grateful for our children, and hug them everyday. So Jude is out of surgery, and we pray the next few days get easier for him.


MrsFought said...

So happy the surgery went well and that you have a great team! Praying Jude feels better really soon!!!!

PrincessJenn said...

Glad to hear he's out of surgery and keeping the nurses on their toes. Hopefully they'll have things under control soon.

That's so sad about the family that lost their child. Those are the times I really wish I was a billionaire and could just take a fraction of the pain and worry away from people going through things like that.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that Jude is out of surgery!

One of my fears is how we would afford burial and what a thought that we have to even think about it beyond the typical buying life insurance part of caring for our "healthy" kids. Another part of this journey that I didn't expect.

Cjengo said...

Anonymous, it is a scary thought healthy or not to lose a child. I happened to take out a gerber policy on Jude at 3 months prior to knowing his situation so he has some insurance. Although, I do not that Nationwide (my company) offers a simplified life. It's really put into effect for people that have issues. As long as it's not terminal, not aids, and not cancer they will issue a policy up to $50,000. It won't pay out in the first 2 years, but after that it will. The first 2 years it just returns premium. It's a horrible awful terrible thought, but I guess at least there are companies out there willing to help somehow.