Sunday, September 19, 2010


I had a wonderful day with Jude today. I gave him his afternoon, and evening feeds, and he kept all the food down. He giggled, and laughed all day with me, and I loved every second of his good mood. We even took a walk this evening until we were attacked by a swarm of mosquito's, the little blood suckers! So I turned around after a half a mile, and we headed swiftly back home as I shoo'd the little buggers off Jude's legs, and arms. As I rounded the street corner to our house Emily saw me, and she came running saying I was covered in mosquito's. She quickly got them off my arms, and chest. We live near a nature preserve so I am sure they like to swarm near the creeks, and foliage.

Speaking of where I live I thought I would explain where I work. I have new readers, and I thought it might be worth explaining. When the events following Jude's situation struck Mike, and I had to make a decision regarding who would stay home. Jude couldn't go to daycare because of his severe seizure disorder. I have a long background, and extensive education in insurance, so therefore I made more money at the time. I work for Nationwide insurance the Tim Raine agency featured at the top of my blog. I hold three licenses in insurance, and almost 19 years experience. I love what I do, and I had the health insurance, so........I went to work. Of course, I would prefer to be at home with my children, but I take pride in the fact they live a nice life because of my work during the day. My boss has been very understanding of our situation, and I worked hard at my job. Mike, and my roles have been a bit reversed in modern day "eyes", but we have made it work. Mike is now in a position to where he can look for a part time job. He worked in logistics for years, and even had a freight company until 9/11 drove it under. I think getting out of the house will do Mike wonders. I also sell Scentsy on the side (hence the picture on the right), and that's why I work on the weekends sometimes. I keep hoping we will win that $250,000 lottery scratch off, but it keeps eluding me...hahaha (jk).

So I have read on several of my friends blogs how wonderful the software on the IPAD has been regarding communication with their special needs children. I really want to learn more about this. I do wish I was here more with Jude so I can work more with him in regards to therapy, and exactly what he needs. The nutrionalist, and the doctor have both recommended that Jude have the Nissen Fundo with his G button, due to the amount he throws up. I know this is such a hard procedure on his tiny body. I am wondering what other opinions are regarding this surgical treatment? I am open to any advice. We are hoping to schedule Jude's g button surgery soon, and move on. Jude is currently taking the pediasure 1.5 and it seems to be working wonders! We had to cut out the boost because it was just to much on his stomach. I now have three cases of Boost, and I will be happy to give them to anyone that needs them, just let me know.

The walls in Jude's new room are painted a rustic red color, and we plan to leave them that way. Jude responds to red, and we thought it would be great for him. I wanted to accent the room with black bears, and Alaskan type rustic items. I thought it would be very cute! I am having a hard time finding items, but I know I will find the perfect stuff. I want Jude to have a cute room :).


Stephanie said...

Hi Jenn!

I have read lots on other blogs as well about trouble with the Nissen. However, Christopher has one and we have never had any trouble. HIs is not a true Nissen though - maybe that is the difference (?). He has a Toupe (like the hairpeice) Fundo. HIs stomach was deformed from birth and had they done a complete fundo, he would not have been able to even swallow (or allow into his stomach) saliva. Maybe there is a way you could take to the docs about not doing a complete fundo if it looks like his stomach is really small.

One other thing - Christopher has a hunting room in our new house (cammo, bears, deer, etc) We found a LOT of stuff both on e-bay and at Sportman's Catalogue .com (Like a cheaper version of Cabellas or Bass Pro)

Let me know if you have any questions about the Nissen.


Steph and CHristopher

kcoleman said...

My son had his nissen and g-tube on 7/15/09. It has truly been lifesaving. Really. I had read and heard a lot and of negative things and we did it anyway and could not be happier a year later.
I'll track you down through Flecks FB and send you a message with more details and whatever.

sarah said...

I think I have a fleece blanket for him! I do fleece blankets with crochet trim on them, and I know I made at least one that fits the bill.If you can send me an E-mail at I will check and see if I can find it, then send you a picture of it. If you like it, I'll sell it to you for $20--shipping included. I am pretty sure it is crib sized or a little bigger.

Nancy said...

Our Rebekah has a Nissen and g-tube, and it was the best thing we ever did! She would throw up 75-80% of the time, and it was so miserable and frustrating. She was also not gaining weight and eventually began losing weight. We were told that the g-tube without the fundo would actually make the reflux worse, and I couldn't imagine worse than what she was doing! This week has been 1 year since Rebekah had her g-tube/fundo surgery, and I would do it again without even thinking twice about it.