Friday, September 17, 2010

A letter from Emily

Emily had an assignment in language arts to write a letter to someone she cares about, and she picked Jude. I thought I would post her letter. Grab a tissue people, you are going to need it. I will keep her exact verbiage, so please remember she is only eleven.

Dear Jude,

Hi little brother, I'm writing, or typing this letter for you to tell you how special you are to me, and all the times we have had together. So here we go, I love the way you have taught me, and so many people in two years. You have taught me patience, respect, color, and I will never forget TIME. You are so young, and making people thing this way, you rock Jude!

You have taught me patience. When you don't want to eat, and we have to feed you hours and hours on hand bottle feedings. When I set you down my arm is strawberry pink from your head rubbing all over my arm. TIME will pass, and the pink will wear off.

You have taught me respect. You are different, that's how when I look at someone, I don't think oh that person has special needs, or that person has ugly shoes. I think, hey you know that person might be really nice, I should go meet them. TIME will pass, and I will go meet them.

You also taught me color, which I don't mean like red, orange, or yellow. I mean be yourself show your true colors, and have fun doing it, you did so why can't I. I also mean do good in everything, try your best, and do it with TIME, and effort, and it will pay off.

TIME and TIME again you have taught me the most fragile things in life, respect, patience, quality, honesty, trustworthy, and I could go on, and on, but Jude just know when I read you this you may or may not understand, bit I will, and that will make all the difference.

PS. I loved when you laughed out loud for the first time. You made me laugh so hard milk came out my nose, and then mom started laughing. We where amazed, and very surprised, good job little bro!

Love ~ Emily

She received a 95 on the paper, and her teacher wrote that it was super. I am very proud of her. Let me also point out she isn't just saying this. Emily was telling me how she and her friends sit with the special needs at lunch, because "they need friends to". She has a good heart!!

When I got home from work yesterday, my head was killing me. I tried to go take a nap, but Jude's NG tube had to be changed. The nurse, and Mike were trying to restrain Jude as they put it in, and I heard him screaming in pain. It broke my heart, and I had to go rescue him. I brought him into my bed where he finally calmed down, but we had to move him so he could be fed. His feelings got very hurt that they removed him from my bed, and I went to lay with him in the living room. The poor boy was so upset from the tube that he threw up the feeding, and the new tube, so the nurse had to start all over again. It was so upsetting. I never got my nap, but that's okay. I sat and held Jude the rest of the night while he ate, and we watched a movie. He finally went fast asleep in my arms, and I put him in his crib for the night. He only woke up a few times last night, so for the most part we all got some sleep. Jude is the master at teaching patience.


Gilda said...

What an amazing young lady, I know that already from hearing what Emily does to help. But to hear her point of view of what she has learned from her baby brother is so inspiring. She has taken Judes condition and made a life lesson of how she views the world and others. Your Emily is a beautiful person to write about her brother.

Debbie said...

That is precious!

My favorite paragraph was "color"

Jude is doing his job...
he is a wonderful, mighty teacher,
and your amazing daughter clearly understands the lesson!