Friday, September 24, 2010

The room, the boy, the scary teacher

When I got home yesterday Mike told me Jude had slept a lot. He and the nurse were worried he would be up all night long, but he wasn't. I think he had napped because he had to endure them putting the tube up his nose again. He gets so upset, that it just wears him out. He also coughed last night, and it sounded a bit barky, but I am hoping that was just build up in his throat. He did wake up twice last night, but after about thirty minutes he went back to sleep.

So I came home to Jude's room looking almost complete. I am just thrilled, and I cannot wait to get his sleep safe bed, and everything in there. I found some cute bear bedding on ebay, but someone keeps outbidding me. So without delay here are the pictures I took last night. Mike is finishing the painting today.

So after my blog yesterday the teacher had emailed me back that she was going to talk to the children in question, and make sure she didn't "sound rude". Well she talked to the children, but not my child. She told the other ones that she didn't mean to sound rude, but that the point still stood she needed someone responsible to make each meeting, and Emily failed to meet three deadlines. The deadlines she is referring to is the meeting I discussed yesterday, and some paperwork. At this point I was now LIVID! I sent an email to the principal . I basically said I didn't want Emily to run because that would be giving her preferential treatment due to her situation, which I didn't want. I did however want her to STOP insinuating my child was irresponsible. That I am unsure what she doesn't understand about the fact Jude was in the hospital the week of question, and then we were struggling the few days he got back. I ended the email with
"My point was I didn't expect Emily to run, but I wanted her treated respectfully. She kept repeating in her email that she "cares" about these children, but it doesn't seem like it to me. I felt as if she needed the "last word" rather than just making sure the children understood they couldn't run, but it was for reasons set forth in the bylaws, and not due to fault of their own"
The good thing here is that Emily's principal truly is amazing! He was at Emily's elementary school in third grade, and has moved to the new middle school. He really seems interested in helping the children, and genuinley interested in their education. Also, he has deemed Emily's Smile Boxes as their official charity. That is so great!

So last night the little boy I mentioned yesterday texted Emily and told her he had made a mistake. He wanted her back. She came to me for advice, but I told her the decision was up to her. She wanted to give him another shot so I helped her with a reply text. Basically she said that he hurt her feelings, but because she likes him she will give him another chance. She just expects if there is a problem in the future to ask her about it, and this is his last shot. He text back that she was now being to bossy, and they should just be friends.......sigh! I said Em if sticking up for yourself is to bossy then you need to move on!

Mike just called, and said Jude has thrown up again. He is so aggravated, and who can blame him. He has cleaned Jude up, and put him back in his bed because he was throwing a huge fit.  I think it was one of those moments that Mike just needed to walk off for a bit.

Here is Jude last night

I am sure you remember me talking about Emily being honored as a walk of fame honoree at Morgans Wonderland this year. Each year until 2015 they will pick people that deserve recognition for helping the disabled, and making a difference in their community. Emily was chosen for 2010, but due to Jude's illness she was unable to make the awards gala. Yesterday they sent me a picture of the gala, her award, and her lighted path stone that is in the park. We were so honored. You can see more on the disabled theme park at


I.Make.Boys.With.Wings said...

I know you must be so proud of Emily! Heck I SURE AM and I'm not even her MAMA <3 Give Mike a big hug, I know his job must be harder than all of ours combined! Jude is just precious, BTW! <3

Anonymous said...

Apologies for being late with my congratulations! A well-deserved honor for Emily and to you and your husband for supporting in her work.

Drop me a comment when you come to SA to see her light. Would love to meet you at MW. Barbara