Friday, September 24, 2010

15 plus hours, and there is no over time

Mike had an extremley frustrating day with Jude, and when I got home I could see why. Little man was not happy on his wedge, in his bed, in your arms, or on the ground. Sentiments of Green Eggs and Ham rang through my brain. Once I walked through the door the little baby wound up in my arms. I was in charge of Jude for the rest of the night. So therefore, I got up at's 10:31 and I just sat down, with little recovery in site. Although, I am very lucky because many moms will not even start their wind down until well after midnight. I just get SO frustrated with our situation, and I shouldn't. I am trying to find a way to deal with my occasional anger. When I am at work Mike calls me so angry because Jude is throwing a tantrum and will not sleep. Therefore, I feel like when I get off at night I must rush straight home to grab Jude and watch him until he falls asleep. Jude did not nap today at all, so he was in rare form, and so was Mike. I did everything I could in my mommy power before I realized this isn't medication induced, or due to his disabilities.........Jude was just being two years old. Jude finally cried on his wedge in his crib until he settled down, and fell fast asleep. It was one of those nights that you are rocking yourself  in front of the baby's crib praying he calms down. Admit it, you have all been there at some point. :)

I am now feeding Jude through his tube, and he is fast asleep. I am praying he will stay asleep for the remainder of the night, and the tube will stay down.

Emily stayed the night with her friend tonight after the school districts football game. It's hard for me to let go, but I trust her...

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