Saturday, September 18, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

So I have a funny story, and a not so funny story. Let's start with a smile. So the nurse is here Monday thru Thursday, but on Friday Mike watches Jude while I am at work. Well Jude gave everyone a run for their money this week, and Friday wasn't any different. When we feed Jude we have to keep him still, or he throws everything up. It's difficult for most two year olds to sit still just through a few chicken nuggets, much less an hour feeding. Plus, after the feed him we have learned if he isn't still at an incline for thirty minutes.......he will throw up. This is with any amount of liquid. Coughing, and sneezing can also start a Jude vomit palooza. Jude is also very resistant to sleep, but Emily always was too. Emily pretty much refused to take a nap past the age of two. So at about 3pm Friday a little Jude (napless) got his regular feed, and medications, and Mike gave him a 1/4 a tablet of melatonin. He thought it would help Jude take a little nap while he ate, thus keeping him still. It's a natural remedy, and again Mike had the best intentions, and it was a very small amount. So I came home from work at six, and Mike said "I think I messed up!" I said "what did you do?". "Um I gave the baby a tiny bit of melatonin, and he won't wake up!!". Oh dear I thought, and I went to check on Jude. He was laying nice and comfy in his bed with his hands cradled against his chest.........snoring. I opened the blinds, turned on the lights, and we all talked loudly......nothing, he didn't stir. So I picked Jude up, and brought him to the living room........nothing, he slept soundly on my shoulder. So I just let him sleep, I figured his little body might just need the rest. Finally, I put him down on his blanket about 8, and he woke up!! I figured Jude would be up all night long, but he wasn't. He went back to sleep, and slept soundly until 5am. I am tired, but it's not bad, and I got a big giggle out of Mike's attempt to help. I guess he did keep the baby still all through his feeding, and Jude did keep his meal down.

So the not so great story. Tonight we made plans to go eat with some long time friends. I think Mike was excited at the prospect of getting out for a bit. We knew we couldn't ask anyone to sit Jude with the NG tube, so we planned on bringing him along. We were all getting ready, and were planning on meeting our friends about 5:30. That would be about an hour after Jude ate, so he should be fine. Well I was holding Jude still at an incline on my lap while Mike took a shower, and Jude sneezed. He sneezed once, and I thought OH NO, but Jude kept his food down. Then he sneezed again, and I caught my breath, but again he kept it down, and my shoulders relaxed. Then he had one of those wind up sneezes, that you know is NOT going to have a good outcome. Ahhhhhhhhchooooooooooo, VOMIT! Sheesh! The allergy medications aren't working well, and Jude was volcano Jude. I leapt into action, and so did Emily. Emily flew from down the stairs with a towel in hand to catch the second round of vomit as it flew out of Jude's mouth, and nose. I quickly put Jude on his side, and prayed the tube would stay down. Jude gagged for several minutes, and cried his heart out. Emily swept up the towels, and she called our friends to say I was covered in puke, and we wouldn't make it. She is so mature for her age. I took Jude in my arms, and carried him into the bathroom where Mike was showering. Mike knew instantly what had happened, and he just lowered his head, and began to cuss. "I cannot ever go *&^% anywhere", he said. I know he didn't mean it selfish, and who could blame him. So I ran a bath, undressed Jude, and we both hopped in the bathtub to clean the vomit off both of us. Mike was so upset, and my heart ached for him. It wasn't the dinner, it's what the dinner represented. He knew there would be other times we could get out, and that we are just thankful Jude is here, but it was still hard for him.

Mike escaped to his man cave, and stayed there. I quietly brought him some dinner I had made, and Emily quickly followed with a piece of cake. Emily, her cousin Faith, and her friend Addie had all made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and they were so proud. Emily said Mike at the cake before the dinner, so I knew ............ he would be alright :).


Jamie said...

So sorry about dinner and all the puke. I just wanted to tell you that we had a ton of problems with vomit in the beginning but it does get better. I can remember clearly how we had a visit routine too, just like y'all do. Anna got her feeds at night in the beginning so she would always puke on us in bed- nice awakening! Anyway, it does get better with time!

Jamie said...

That should have said "vomit" routine, not "visit" routine. Gotta love the autocorrect feature that thinks it always knows what I want to say.