Thursday, September 30, 2010

A rough night...

Jude never seems to be easy. He has given our nurse lots of "stress" tonight she says. At 1 am Jude woke up in a lot of pain so they administered his pain med, and he then went into an immediate seizure. That was at 1 am, it's now 3:45 am and the seizure just stopped, but only after a dose of ativan. Jude has also spiked a fever, so they are watching that. Since he is on antibiotics due to the surgery they really believe the stress his body is under is causing the fever, and the seizures. This was Jude's 5th seizure since the surgery, but he has never had a seizure last so long. Since they cluster he still held his O2 level, but his respiratory rate was all over the map. One minute it would be 20, and the next it would be 60.

Not sure he is going to graduate to that room anymore.

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Bronx Cataldo's said...

So sorry he has a rough night hope he is better today.

Ask the pain team if there is something else they can give him for the pain. The reason is the last time Finnian had surgery the morphine set him off in to seizures. They said it doesn't cause seizures but every time they gave him the morphine he would spasm.He too had to get meds to stop the seizures. They insisted on giving him a bolous of morphine and I told them them they better stay right there and watch him sure enough he went right into one they changed his meds right away. Thats just our experience with morphine.