Monday, September 6, 2010

Update #5 the NG tube

Jude looked a bit better today, and they ended up turning his oxygen down to .5. His color looks better, and he was pretty smiley today. I overall felt less stress, and more calm. His chest still sounds very rattled, and his respiratory rate is what the doctor has deemed, "all over the map". If you want to know how his chest feels and sounds think of pop rocks in your mouth.

Mike says the doctor told us we could have been right, but they aren't going to admit we were right. She was very nice though, and gave us all the information she could. She said Jude is positive for the Rhino virus (your common nasty cold), and in turn she suspects Jude was aspirating due to the virus, or seizures, thus causing the secondary bacterial infection. She stated she will leave him on the antibiotics we requested, because he seems to be responding to them. The doctor then ordered an NG tube, so Jude's days of eating by mouth and currently suspended. We also found out the G tube surgery has been delayed by 4-6 weeks due to his current condition. We watched in horror as they placed the NG tube up Jude's nose, and down into his stomach. It was rather traumatic for him, and he is sleeping it off. I am sure this is something several people who read my blog are used to, but well I am not so give me time to adjust. I had a tube stuck up my nose once to drain a bleeding ulcer, and it was torture. I feel a little better that this seems to be a very small, flexible, and soft tube they use for Jude. They taped the little yellow tube to his cheek, and they then showed us how they set up the feed. I am sitting here typing as Jude is currently eating, such a weird thing to say. They also put his medications through the tube so we know that Jude has received the full dose of everything. They even put the Depakote sprinkles in.

The doctor said Jude must be on room air prior to being discharged. She is predicting he could be here a few more days, or a week. While here the nurses will be teaching us, and our nurse how to change out the tube (insert "OH MY" here), and set up the feedings. Jude will use his NG tube for six weeks until they are able to put in the G tube. So Mike is going to ride out the night with Jude, and I have to work tomorrow. I had planned to take some days off this week for his surgery, but will change that to just one day off if possible. I know Mike will need the break. That will leave me a day to have off after his surgery. I will be leaving the hospital soon to pick up my Emily who is also now sick. I am hoping she won't have to miss school tomorrow.

So the good news is Jude is a tough little guy who seems to be fighting his illness. We pray he won't have anymore set backs. The bad news is Mikey and I feel a bit defeated with all this, but we will be over that real soon!

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