Thursday, September 9, 2010

First night home

Last night was our first night home. It was nice to be in our beds together, but Jude was restless. Thankfully, he kept both his feeds down!! We switched from Boost at the hospital to Pediasure at home, and we fed it to him slowly. We also limited the amount of water. We know he needs more fluid for proper hydration, but we are starting this slowly. It won't help his hydration at all if he is throwing everything up.

About three thirty Jude woke up, and therefore I am very tired today! Finally about 5:30 he got very quiet, and I guess he fell back to sleep.....I did. This morning when he got up Mike called me and informed me the reason Jude got so quiet.......he had removed the tube. So Mike, and the nurse are having to place it back in ... again! They discussed wrapping Jude, and putting him in his stander so he will be immobile while they place the tube. The nurse mentioned getting something to help Jude relax each time they have to do this so it's not so stressful on him.

I am off to work.


Vicki Parr said...

Hey Jenn, we slow feed Gage with his pump set over an hours time b/c he will throw up if he is fed too fast. We also still warm his formula. He is on a new formula, Complete, b/c they watch every calorie he gets. Jessica says she gives him 35ml every 10 minutes. If you aren't slow feeding try it and see if it makes a difference! Jude little tummy is not ready for full feedings so that's why he's probably throwing up.

Cjengo said...

We do :). He feeds for an hour, and then gets an hour and a half break

jocalyn said...

glad you're home. everything is so much better at home!

you might look into getting some sort of a mattress pad and layering up, so you don't have to change all the sheets each time he throws up. also, since kendall didn't have to be on continuous feeds either, we went at the same pace she would naturally take a she gets pretty quick bolus feeds now, but we definitely started slow.

i would be very hesitant making his stander a negative experience...they don't forget stuff like that :(

hang in there.

Rita said...

If you think this is the hardest thing you'll have to do. It is. I'm sorry you are going through it and pray things move ahead for the better real soon. Seems to me something to calm him a lot before you use the stander is of utmost importance. I believe children remember if not to tell us in verbal words then in the way they trust others etc.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I know you don't know me, it was suggested to me I fllow your blog because of our son we adopted in June and his prognosis. I was just going to share that if you continue to have formula issues after the pediasure you might check on Peptamin Jr for feeding tube and if he takes anything by mouth vital jr as it tastes better. both are much easier to digest for special kiddos. Hope this helps in some way.