Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well we got sleep last night, but I still feel so drained. Not sure if it's that virus lingering, or just the stress leaving my body. I feel like I could curl up in my bed, and sleep for hours.

Jude was a handful the last two days for the nurse, and for us. Poor Charlotte looks drained whenever I get home. Jude is just restless, and doesn't seem to be able to get comfortable. He doesn't want to be on his wedge while he eats, so we have been having to hold him while the feed is pumping. If you put him down, he only wants to be on his tummy, and will throw a huge tantrum if you put him on his back. He is also a huge wiggle worm while you are holding him. I really think it's his darn teeth again. Last night when we gave him his medications I gave him some children's advil, and I think my suspicions are right because he calmed down, and went fast to sleep. I try to limit any pain reliever because I feel like he is getting enough medications, but he has had such a hard time with his teeth. I really attribute this to the phenobarbital he had as an infant. It really does harden their gums.

So I have everything cleaned out of my dining room, and Mike is going to start ripping up the carpet. I will start taking pictures so everyone can see the before, and after of Jude's room. I am very excited! Mike started his job search yesterday, and we are praying something good comes along. He used to run a logistics company prior to 9/11, but the tragedy that struck America caused his business to go under. UPS, and FED EX can survive something like that, but not a small logistics company. Anyway, I have faith he will find something soon. He is even looking at 4am - noon shifts so he can be around if Jude needs to go to the doctor. One of us has to be available.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could tell me more about phenobarb hardening gums? My little guy has always had a terrible time pushign through his teeth and his molars are taking MONTHS to get the back halves through...I had never heard this about phenobarb and wondered if you could give me more information? Or send me a link to more information?

Want to hear something even more strange? My husband runs a logistics company. He is on his 8th year now. He was off for the last 11.5 months though and is just NOW kind of getting back on his feet.

I cannot wait to hear more about Jude's room! I hope that he continues to get relief from the pain relievers!

Katy said...

Maybe a bean bag for Juders? A little easier to lie on than a wedge, but will keep him elevated for tube feedings.

When Charlie was younger we had a reclined Fisher Price chair that was awesome--it was called "infant to toddler rocker." Great chair and it also allows kids to stay some what upright.