Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are home!!! So thankful

Well we are home, and I am so grateful! I can tell that it will take awhile to adjust to Jude's NG tube. Mike is rather flustered, but amazing. He feels solely responsible for the tube, and that is not the case. I think it's because he has been Jude's primary care giver for so long, and he tried to avoid the feeding tube. Both of those combined items has had him step forward, and stress out at the same time. Home health care came tonight to help us set up the first feed, but then Mike did calculations in his head, and stressed over tape placement for hours. I assured him that eventually this will all run very smoothly. No one thinks they will be responsible for ramming a tube up their child's nose to eat, but many people have done it. I told him tonight, "did you ever think you would look forward to the G tube". He said "Another lesson from God regarding demands, and patience. It's a new part of Holland to visit".

So can you believe that there was a tornado today in the exact spot where we came from earlier? I swear we escape disaster a lot. I am hoping everyone is alright in Dallas.

So one amazing family all chipped together, and they are converting my dining room into Jude's room. I am SO grateful. Jude will be near to us, and we will have a laminate flooring in his room for the IV pole. I am also going to have Mike install shelving for all Jude's therapy equipment, suction unit, and supplies. I am so thankful I have such amazing people in my life.

As I was typing Jude wormed his way down his wedge, and his tube looked like it was coming out. I quickly pushed it back down, and taped it back into place. I am hoping we don't have to remove the tube, and put it back in tonight, but if we do everything will be okay.

Everything........will be okay. :)

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AngelaLexi79 said...

Welcome home! and yes it will all be okay. You can make it through anything and so can Mike! Keep yall head up!