Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We are home, but not without adventure. Right when they discharged Jude he again threw up his entire feeding. I really believe he is throwing up because of the extra water they are giving him. I don't think his body is used to the extra fluid. Although, with this throw up a bunch of coffee grounds came out. I pointed it out to the nurse, but she was at a loss. I suggested that it might be from the trauma to the nose inserting the tube, thus causing blood to run down into Jude's stomach. She agreed, and they said they were not to worried about it. His oxygen also dipped to 90 again, and his fever went back up. The doctor was still okay with us leaving due to the medications Jude is on.

Once we were in the car I was making the necessary phone calls to the home health agency to secure the nurse, and to MEDCO to get the feeding supplies. That to was a nightmare. The hospital "couldn't" fax the nursing orders, but neither could the GI doctor, etc etc etc. I finally called our pediatrician in tears begging them to help us. I didn't want to go home tonight without a little extra help. We are not fully comfortable with Jude's vomiting out the NG tube yet, and the replacement. We also need replacement NG tubes, and the pediasure for the feedings.

It's all a bit overwhelming, but as Mike said today "well let's go home to our new new normal". He made me laugh. We will get the hang of all this!

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sarah said...

LOL...I know what you mean--sorta. My youngest was in a body cast for 5 weeks due to an accidental fracture. I had to learn a whole new skill set for that time period. Luckily we didn't need too many special items, but it was still hard. Now that it has been 3 years, I can look back and be proud of all I dealt with ( without freaking out!)

This is a pretty big bump in the road, but you and Mike will deal with it just fine. In a few weeks you'll probably look back and wonder why you were so freaked out.