Monday, December 1, 2008


I am wondering if anyone caught the license plate of the truck that plowed through my business today because I am pretty sure it was "bzyassht!" lol. Sarah is on vacation so I am the only one here. My boss and the receptionist are in, sooo again I am the only one here ;). Although my little receptionist is so cute, and she helps me the best she can. My boss always helps too, and he knows we get stressed when it's busy. So we had a very busy weekend, and holiday. Emily left for her dads on Thursday morning which was unusual to me. She is normally with me for the majority of each holiday, but this year was a little different. Honestly, it was time she spent a holiday with her dad so I gave a little, and asked him if he wanted her. Since she was going to be gone we put our Christmas tree up Wed night because it's a tradition to put it up the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Since she wouldn't be there I felt it was important to put it up before she left. She had a great time getting all the ornaments out, and even helped Jude put his First Christmas ornament up. So anyway Em got the tree up and the kitty took the tree down........anyone want a cat? No really.......want a cat? So after we got the tree up my aunt called yesterday and said "you have your tree up don't you". I answered yes, and she told me I was way to "Martha" and she has no idea how I keep up with everything. That's just me and I guess I will just be a little Martha, but I prefer to be compared to someone cuter..ha!
I truly enjoyed spending my weekend with Jude. We slept in together, I held him a lot, and he opened up and responded so much. He is starting to babble at me whenever I am talking to him, and it's pretty cute. We even took a bath yesterday together and he had the best time......well until his head got tired and he went face first in the water. Besides that one incident he loved the warmth, and splashing around. Mike came in and lifted him out of the bath when he was clean, and he was MAD! He wanted back in the water, and let Mike know it. While we were in the bath I took my time to really wash Jude's hair, and since I laid him back in the water it all laid perfectly straight. I really got to see the size of Jude's head, and I can admit it is small. I keep telling myself though that it is so good he is meeting all his milestones. I look at him and just love him so much! I want him to have the opportunities of playing ball, running, jumping, etc. We got him a bumbo, but I am afraid he isn't strong enough to sit in it yet. I really think with some work he will be ok inside of it. He is eating much better now though, and is his smiley happy self again. The other day I felt a bit worried that if he was changing that I may not see my normal Juders anymore. I hate hate that I have these worries stuck in my head, and it's SOOOOOO easy for people to say not to think about it. Until you are in my position you don't know what it's like! I am positive and have full faith in Jude, but I am also a realist. I watch for any signs and I make sure I stay aware of the situation. It's like the old story about the man on Mt St Helens. He decided he was going to stay on the mountain and put his faith in God. So a fire truck came by, then the police, then a rescue helicopter to help him but he refused them and ended up dying. Once he got to heaven he asked God "Why did you fail me? Why did you not save me". God replied "I tried 3 times I sent a fire truck, a police car, and even a helicopter!"
So Thanksgiving was nice. We went to my dads house, and his wife Kay said a wonderful prayer where she started crying about Jude. I missed those of my relatives that were away in different states or on vacation, and I missed those that have passed. It was nice though, and I am truly thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I have a lot of pics, but I left the camera at home and will have to post them later.
Also, Mike was able to get at truck this weekend!! WE ARE SO THRILLED. It looks like things are finally looking up for us. He has been driving this run down 92 Prelude that had everything stolen out of it. Since he is starting this painting company that car was no longer an option. So my cousins dad helped us find a great deal on a used truck. He can now take the baby with him, and that relieves so much pressure from me in the mornings. We also thought of a name for the painting company and applied for it today. So it will be Bristles ~ painting and fencing. We are working on the website, cards, and more but I just pray this all takes off. The next bill to tackle is the IRS. I think we need to tackle them before they tackle us. It's hard to make the government understand your financial and medical situation. They are more understanding than I would have imagined though. I guess everyone is having a rough time so they are a little more lenient.I know I have more to blog about, but my mind is running so fast because work is so busy!
I will blog more later.

Ps. I was looking at Entertainment weekly last night, and there are so many stars I don't recognize now. Plus they all look about 12 years old! Am I just getting really old or something? I mean come on. I look at the style watch pages or something else and see some chick I have NEVER seen before! Oh and does anyone even care about that crazy Heidi and Spencer couple? I am so sick of seeing their pics? They really make me want to see my thanksgiving turkey again. I read they got married I wonder if we can convince them to leave us alone now.


James said...

re: the kitty taking down your tree... I woke up the day after we decorated the tree to find the daggum kitty halfway UP the tree. Garland and ornaments on the floor. Not too many, and nothing was broken, yet - I picked up the cat and started making a beeline to the bathroom to lock her in it, when my socks slipped out from under me on the hardwoods, and I came down HARD on my hip and elbow and wrist, nearly straight down on the kitty (luckily, she only hurt her hip as best I can tell). talk about injury to insult! :) I feel your pain! Really, the christmas tree is pretty sacrosanct around my house! to me anyway - The KITTY is sacrosanct to all others!

Cjengo said...

HA HA! I think my cat finally got the point when she kept getting locked in the cold garage. Every time I found her halfway up the tree I pulled her out by the scruff and away she went. Mike then imitated the other cats voice "I told you to not get in there didn't I. Now quit messing up or they are going to get rid of us both". You have to understand that all Mike's animal voices sound like a cheech and chong movie!