Friday, December 5, 2008

Jude had a seizure

Jude had a seizure last night. I say that with reluctance and my head is still spinning a little. For the first time I saw the benefit of knowing ahead of time that Jude could potentially have an issue. If I had been not been educated and known what he was doing I would have panicked, and probably called the hospital or rushed him to one.
Mike had called me several times yesterday letting me know that he wasn't able to get anything done yesterday because Jude just wanted to be held. He said he wasn't really fussy UNLESS you laid him down but did want to be held a particular way. I guess Jude felt a little off all day and was trying to communicate that in his own baby way. So I got home and relieved Mike by taking Jude and feeding him, changing him, bathing him, and playing with him. I then laid him in his bassinet but I heard him kind of choking on his saliva. So I went and picked him up and he started doing this strange head bob in my arms. So I laid him down on his blanket and suddenly both his arms went straight to his side, his head pushed down into his chest, and his eyes rolled back and to the right. He tried to cry in between these movements that would last a few seconds and release. Emily walked into the room and saw him then exclaimed "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM MOM??" I explained that I thought he was having a seizure and to hand me my phone. She wanted to call 911 but I explained we simply needed to call Mike. Mike had ran to the store to get some milk and by his friends salon. He came in the door right when Jude was calming down so he missed the big part but he did get to see his head bobs. Mike burst into tears when he saw Jude which made me finally start crying. We held Jude for a long time and he seemed tired but ok. I didn't rush him anywhere, because I knew there wasn't anything they could do for a seizure. I asked Mike to get out the video camera in case they started again and to have it ready for today too. The best thing would be to document them so I could provide proof to the neurologist. This morning I put a call into the neurocenter and to his pediatrician. The pedi called me back immediately and said I acted 100% correct and that if I don't hear back from the neuro by 11 they will call him. So basically I am waiting to hear from them. My guess is they will want to see him, and admit him for the MRI now.... but that's just a guess. Mike is devastated because I think he had convinced himself that Jude was fine. So he now has to work with accepting that Jude has an issue. I reminded him last night that Jude's functions are still running ahead of schedule. So again he would be very normal, and if the occasional seizure is an issue we can all deal with that. Our main concern is wanting to make sure the seizures don't kill additional brain tissue and undo what he has already learned. Mike also felt bad that he didn't have the patience he should have with him yesterday. I explained that guilt is an emotion you learn well with parenting and it won't be the first time he dealt with it. I told him he is a good dad, and to just remember from now on that Jude may need a little more patience than other kids. As of today Jude seems ok. He is doing something with his mouth which the neuro will have to look at and see if it's normal behavior or not. Anyway, a few little prayers will be nice from everyone. I think he will be fine.


PurpleQuilterQueen said...

Poor little fella! I'll be praying for him and your family. Good thing you were so calm. I'm not sure what I would have done. You seem to be doing everything you can for him right now and hopefully this will pass and all will be well in the end. God bless you and your family! Take care! Jennifer

Deeptones said...

you are an awesome mom. God wouldn't have trusted Jude to just anyone you know... Strength and grace under pressure. You did great. You are definitely in my prayers.