Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another day Another dollar!

Well yesterday was so insane at work that I went home and felt brain dead. I dealt with an upset tummy half the night from the stress, but in the end everything was fine. It's much slower today so I have had some time to complete some other tasks I needed to get done. Now I am at lunch with the door shut, and I get to blog. I am a lion in my cage so no one better distrub me. I love my job, but when Sarah is out it can be hard. My boss always tries to help though when one of us is alone. He is a nice guy.
So Mike is at home with the baby today. His job in Stephenville is on hold until the trim/cabinet workers complete their installation. Then Mike's crew will come back and paint everything they install. Therefore, he is completing other estimates and getting his crew on other jobs if possible. This takes a day or so to sort out because he has to get everything completed and then get people situated. I am very proud of him so far! He is really trying, and since he is such a perfectionist he really gets his guys to do an amazing job. He was telling me last night that he feels like his estimates may come in a bit high, but he hates doing the job wrong. For instance he was quoting one customer who wanted his chimney painted. The problem is he had rotted wood, etc so that needed to be replaced. He said a lot of people will just throw the paint on to get paid, but that isn't the proper way to do it. So I told him to just give them both options and let them decide.
Now the good news on Jude. Mike put Jude in his crib this morning, and set his play mat to sing only if it's hit. He has a farmyard play mat that sings, talks, etc in his crib. Well Mike started hearing it go off so he snuck up to the crib, and noticed Jude kept hitting it when it stopped singing. In other words he remembered if he hit the mat in some form or fashion it would play music again. That's brain function and that's AWESOME!!!! I help him sitting up last night so we could really work with him on holding his head up. He is having some troubles with it still falling forward or backward but he is getting better. He also can hear your voice, but it takes him about 30 seconds to turn his head and focus where you are at. So in Dec they may tell us the MRI shows a major issue, but he is still making progress and that is positive.

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