Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baptism update

Jude will be baptized Sat at 10am at St Michaels in Bedford, Tx if anyone would like to join. Mike grew up in this church, but still to get a speedy baptism in a catholic church takes an act of congress. So a big thanks to Mike, his mom, and Kel. We have had a lot of people offer dinners, etc to help us during this time. We will have the house open after the baptism for anyone that would like to stop by. This isn't only about baptism, but also a chance for those to meet our little miracle. Please keep in mind his little immune system can be delicate, so please don't come if you feel ill.

Also, people have emailed offering baptism gifts. In lieu of gifts my friend Kel set up a fund for Jude to help with his therapy, bills, etc. She is getting that info out.

Today, I went and found a sweet little christianing gown for Jude. It is so delicate made of brocade, silk, and knit. It is a creamy white with tiny blue accents. I got a pair of tiny booties that have blue accents to match, and a sweet bonnet with a cross on it. We are overwhelmed with the amount of people that want to meet Jude. He has been good today, but has pnly had two break through seizures. It does take about two weeks to get the phenobarb completely in his system so we are holding out hope that this medication will work. I did notice the differences in Jude's personality today. He is a bit spaced out, and sleeping a whole lot. Although, he did still coo and smile at me several times.

I took Em with me to get Judes outfit, and I bought her a smoothie because she loves them. She is being such a BIG girl during all this. We talked at length about Jude, being sick, and more. We talked about when my mom passed whenever I was a child, and how people try to comfort you. She is a little scared to pick Jude up, but she still does. She even got the flash cards out today, and I found her holding them up to him speaking in her baby voice. She would say "This is a baby bird just like you". She is just a doll baby and I told her I just adore her. I had a sweet lady call and say they wanted to get Em Christmas gifts from their church. Em has a great Christmas coming from us, and family members. So I asked her to please give those gifts to some little girl that is in true need. I then explained about Jude's therapy in case they wanted to contribute. Anyway, Em is well taken care of. I think God knew this was going to happen and had me put some money aside for some reason and then got Ems gifts early. I never ever get Christmas wiped out weeks before. I am organized people, but not weeks early organized.

I am much more at peace with this entire situation. I know we will get Jude the help he needs in every capacity. I also know he is our miracle because he has far exceeded what the doctors expected by just being born. We from here will take it one day at a time and never lose hope. I donated my cord blood so I was not able to save it due to financial means. The cord blood doesn't really work in this situation, but Mike and I discussed that. If it would help Jude I would risk my health to have another child, but I don't think it would. As I have stated many times someone's story is ALWAYS worse than yours or mine. So the prayers we have for Jude should be spread out too.

Sometimes I feel like we are just constantly talking about this situation, and it can wear people out. I am trying to get back to normal, but it's hard. I texted my cousin today and told her how much she means to me, and everyone else that has been so supportive.

I will post more later.


Lindsay said...

Hello Jenn, you do not know me, but i read your blog almost every day. I found you through Justmommies, but i rarely post there anymore. I just wanted to let you know you and your precious baby boy are constantly in my thoughts. I hope you dont mind but i posted your blog on myspace, and asked everyone i know to pray for jude and your family. Jude is a very lucky little boy, he has a momma that would go to the ends of the earth for him. I pray you find peace. Please, i dont know what i can do (we are army and stationed in japan), but let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

Linday (liltxmomma on JM)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn, Misty aka Camerons mom just wanted to let you know that i am thinking about you all. We are unable to make the Baptism but know that you are all in my prayers. If you need anything please let me know

Anonymous said...

if you contact your local schools they should be able to give you the number for your early Intervention program. EI will cover all therapy for free.

Cjengo said...

Seems it used to be free. Now they are asking for insurance information and there is a parent share on money?? Anyway, we will make it work though. I got him enrolled with the Early intervention, and he has a free class at gymboree. I am working to find other therapy programs too.