Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been so busy at work today. I am finally taking a break so I can update my blog. I had the best intentions of uploading some great pictures of Jude to share with everyone, but I left the camera laying on the counter this morning. It is another crazy day in our life because Mike had to finish his paint job up out of town. So therefore, I have to pick Jude up from his moms after work, and then grab Emily as quickly as possible. I am a bit concerned about Jude being with Mike's mom today, because it's his first day with the lower phenobarbitol. Therefore, there is a concern that he might seize more. I did check on him earlier, and he had not had any since the one he had with us at home around 7:00am. Jude was a bit restless last night without his pheno, but finally went to sleep. Mike said Jude had a seizure about 11:30PM, and I was helping with him....but I must have been exhausted, and remember little of that. So we will be following the new doctors calendar in lowering Jude off the pheno throughout the rest of the week. The doctor will then review Jude's eeg this weekend remove the pheno, and topamax completely, and decide which medication to put him on. They mentioned Depokate, or a steroid medication. He said he believes Topamax does little for the seizures Jude is having, but then said each doctor has his own opinion. He said since Med school he has stated topamax and pheno do nothing for IS. I don't really believe anything now until I see results, because each child seems to be different in what they respond to. So I will update this weekend from the hospital which medication they choose for him, and how he is doing coming off the other meds.

Jude seemed so much more alert yesterday, and I really enjoyed my day with him. I am so down at work thinking about his squishy cheeks and bright eyes. I want to be home caring for him as a mom should be. It's such a struggle between doing what is right, being thankful for my job, and wanting to run home to Jude. It's really such a mental struggle I am dealing with right now...so much so that it's hard to put into words.

So over the past month I have been cleaning out my garage with Mike, emptying closets, collecting clothes, because I planned on having a garage sale. I thought it would be a great way to get us extra money to get out of dodge for a weekend, and to pay on our bill with Cooks. Well I can have a garage sale, but I found out my city only allows 1 sign. Yep that's right folks........1 sign, and it has to be placed in YOUR front yard. I guess that's just in case the people passing by don't realize that all the junk sitting in your driveway with the stickers on is for sale. I mean REALLY??????? I would like to find the person that created that rule, and give them their sign for the day.

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Ellen said...

Hi. I am glad Jude is more alert, and that you have been enjoying that!

I hear you on the working mom thing, sometimes you feel like you are being torn apart.

Right before I came here I had literally just sent out an e-mail to my neighbors about our own garage sale, which I'm organizing. We're doing a multi-family one, a good way to attract more people. That is SO ridiculous about only being allowed one sign! If you taped a big piece of cardboard to your car and left it parked someplace strategic, that's another good way to call attention to the sale. And, of course, put up flyers in local churches/community centers. And also, if you have time, put a little ad in your local paper!