Friday, February 20, 2009


Mike, and Jude are on their way to get Jude's EEG done. I hate all the electrodes they have to put in his head with that nasty smelling stuff, but it will be good to get another test done. I had requested a copy of the medical records from Cook's yesterday, and one of the papers was the EEG results. In that report the doctor stated he couldn't be sure that what Jude was experiencing were "tonic" seizures, but he believed they were. That is rather aggravating because we were told they WERE tonic without any question. So I am even more relieved that he is having another EEG today.

I just heard back from the new neurologists office, and they want us there Monday morning for our appt. They have really stepped up the pace, but now a little to fast. I am hoping my work doesn't blow a gasket that I am giving them such short notice to be off Monday. I am sure it will be fine, but we have a small office and everyone is affected when someone is out. The lady that schedules the appointments also asked me if Jude slept last night and then scolded me because he did. She said it is suppose to be an EEG with limited Sleep. Let me just tell you that she is not the brightest crayon in the box. I had already told her he was an infant, and she keeps calling him Jud vs. Jude. I said again slowly, "He is an I N F A N T....if I did jumping jacks with him he still would have slept". So of course, Mike walked in and asked the nurse if it was an issue he slept and the nurse replied..."Of course not". So I think the appointment lady was ill informed.

So I am just sitting, and waiting to hear from Mike on the progress of the EEG. We should have the results on Monday, and I will let you guys know what they say.

So on another note my precious little daughter got in trouble at school yesterday. I was at work, and received a phone call from the PRINCIPAL that Emily was in her office. She said that Emily had 6 assignments missing, and was in danger of failing the six daughter?? My Em?? She then said that the teacher had been searching for her missing work, and found 10-15 notes in her desk that she and two other girls participated in. I was then told the notes had "inappropriate" language...WHAT???? I asked the principal if any of the bad words were in Emily's hand writing, and I was told "no". I was FURIOUS and marching around my office just seething to leave, and have a good old fashioned talk with my little one. I just couldn't believe this. So I put a call into her teacher because I wanted to hear exactly what the notes said. Her teacher told me it wasn't Emily who was missing any assignments, and she didn't participate in any notes that had bad language. Her notes were answers to questions like if she liked some boy, or if she was going to the district meet, etc... innocent little girl stuff. Her teacher then said Emily had walked around crying all day, and looked exhausted. When I got home Em was asleep on her bed because she had been stressed, and I went to talk with her. I told her I was proud she had her work in, proud she didn't participate in the bad language, but disappointed she passed notes. That passing notes in class is disrespectful to her teacher, and probably hurt his feelings. She adores her teacher so she burst into tears again. (All this knowing full well I passed notes in class...sigh....but I had to make a point) So Emily got grounded for the first time. Later that night she was following me around the house. I turned and asked, "Emily why are you following me around". Her reply "Cause I am bored". My reply, "Well I am not grounded so I am going to watch Tv therefore you need to find something to do in your read". She stomped off growling that being grounded "STINKS!". Which in reply I said "If you can't do the time don't do the crime!". With those words it is official........I am a parent! Although, I am very relieved that Emily did mostly behave in the manner I thought she would, and still had good grades. She is a good little girl.

Ps. I was right. My boss did not take me being out on Monday very well.....even though I have 71 hours of vacation time left.?!?


Jennifer said...

Gotta love those female hormones!

andrea said...

i hope they see an improvement with the eeg. little jude is such a champ, and you are such a great mom. have a good weekend.