Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Come along and play with me, my sweet baby! The words are ringing in my ears again. Today's Gymboree session went okay, but it wasn't what it normally is. That very well could be because I am still a bit down, but I could tell that Jude didn't seem himself today. He seemed like he was going into seizure mode, and my motherly instinct was right. As soon as Mike and Jude left the center I received a text that he was having a seizure. Jude looked noticeably different from the other babies today, and that is something we will have to accept. He has been so young that you really could tell no difference between Jude and other children. Ironically, I had just read Ellen's blog today on how children stare and talk to special needs children. For the first time I understood I will contend with the same conversations. I am okay with that, but I did want Jude to hold his head up today. He struggles holding his head up, drools buckets, and does not giggle like the other babies. I still think he was the cutest baby in the room though :).

I also found the child-rite chair on another site, and I so want it! I am going to save some money so I can purchase it for Jude. It is like the Bumbo chair, but it has a larger back and more support for special needs children. I think he would do very well in it, and it will strengthen his torso muscles.

Have a good night all.

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Rich said...

Sadly I can rarely tell when people stare at me... But now that I'm walking around with a 'big white stick'.... I know people notice now. LOL I may not be able to see them, but what bothers me, is being able to hear the some times stupid or giggles comments people make (mostly smart A$$ teenagers). - I have pin-drop hearing.

Don't be sad mom, hang in there...