Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Therapy update

****update ~ Mike just called and said the therapist came. She worked with Jude for about forty minutes. She said that he can hold his head up for 3-4 seconds without letting it fall which she believs is positive. She said that with very low muscle tone they just cannot hold their head up. Also, she got him to sit for a few seconds before tumbling over, and to push off on his legs when she prompted him to stand. She also said that he would get very aggravated when she would grab his hand which she was also encouraged with. She said he does keep his hands in fists, and his arms bents so we are going to look into splints. In addition Jude would scoot like he was crawling when she put her foot behind him to give him support. She said she was very encouraged at what she sees with him.......FINALLY some good news.

Now some prayers please this continues.


Ellen said...

Oh, that is such good news!!! And, it is great to have an encouraging, positive therapist working with you.

Sorry you had such a tough day yesterday. it really is hard to go to work and leave the kids. Tough choice. I could not, personally, be home with the kids 5 days a week, I like working. I would love a 3-day work week.

Enjoyed the photos!

Do you have a very good seizure disorder specialist in your area?

Cjengo said...

We see Dr Malik at Cooks childrens. He is a neurologist and the head of the epiliepsy unit. I like him, but sometimes he seems a bit rushed. I really like our neurosurgeon and I may call him to get his opinion today.