Thursday, February 19, 2009

The power of a hissy fit!

So the wonderful pediatrician came through. He called the neurologists office, and explained how important it is that Jude got in asap! They called me back, and Jude is now scheduled for a two hour EEG TOMORROW!!!!!! They will then schedule the follow up appointment for next week where we will meet the neurologist, and talk about new medications.

I had complained about the health insurance because we now have another deductible hurdle to cross. I am praying this won't be an issue tomorrow and affect his eeg. I am hoping they will just bill us after the procedure.

Anyway, I am thrilled that Jude got in so quickly. Also, I was able to fill out their new patient paperwork. They asked me what I am looking for in a doctor. I am wondering if the doctor will be staring blankly when he is done reading my novel.

Have a good night.


Ellen said...

I am so thrilled you guys got in. The neuro I know in Texas emailed back to say Children's has the best specialists (though he had no connections). You have a great pediatrician! Good luck with the EEG tomorrow, I will be thinking about you and sweet Jude.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

That is great news about the appointment. I am glad you put your foot down! It seems like you will be pretty busy with the binder =) Make sure you put a smiling picture of Jude on the front lol. Those are my favorite!

on a side note: Brad put his foot down on the Child-Rite seat for Declan lol.

Rich said...

Not a hissy fit... The power of a MOM standing up for her child... Because MOMS ROCK! And we all know what happens when you stand between a mother and her young, you WILL BE DESTROYED!

Yeeeaaay MOM!!! :-)