Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tomorrow Tomorrow

It has overall been a good weekend, and I have so much to report. Although, I am afraid seizures rained on our parade today, as Jude is now on his fourth seizure of the day. I wanted to give you guys a quick update so no one would worry. I don't have much time to blog so I will save all my pictures, and my long update for tomorrow after Jude's new neurologist visit. I hope everyone had a safe, and wonderful weekend.

I will give you this tid bit of information. On Friday night Jude was laying in my arms, and Mike was across the living room from us in another chair. He would call Jude's name, and on 4 different occasions Jude would slowly turn his head, and look directly at Mike. I would think it was a fluke, but based on FOUR different times... I am convinced Jude knew what was going on. He turned his head slowly, and wobbly, but he still turned towards the person calling his name. That person being a voice he hears everyday, and one he loves. He would then slowly turn his head back towards me, until Mike called his name again. After reading his EEG information this weekend we learned that Jude's left brain is not responding at all, so maybe the right side is compensating??

I will post more tomorrow. Jude has finally fallen asleep while wrapped up snuggly in a Dallas Cowboys blanket. I am going to whisk him away to bed. I of course, got pictures of him looking very comfy in his blanket ;)


Anonymous said...

How exciting.... I'm just thrilled.... I think that's fantastic news!

I know you don't know me from Adam but I've been keeping up with you since you were pregnant.... scary isn't it? LOL! Anyhooo.... I check on him everyday and pray for him as well. He's the most beautiful boy and so lucky to have been born to such a great little family!

Just know that there are many out here than hold hope and care.... try to have a great day!!

andrea said...

little jude is such a champ! love him!