Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hospital update

Good morning everyone. We are all settled in at Dallas Medical city, and let me tell you this hospital is fabulous! When we walked in we were staring in amazement because it literally looks like a hotel. On top of that the nurses, and staff are very friendly. They explained our deductible, and then just smiled and said it would be taken care of in time. They also ordered Mike and I 3 meals a day, and snacks any time. We have full access to free sodas, etc so we are very impressed. We probably spent $100 in full alone when we were at the other hospital, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just thought it was nice they took care of us here. So last night when we got here I started feeling really sickly for some reason, and was freezing. I think I was worn out from everything going on, and I KEPT complaining I was cold. Mike kept telling me I must be getting sick because it wasn't cold in our room. Well about 4am when he realized he was really cold he noticed a window was open behind our I am NOT crazy.

So I just wanted to put in a quick update letting you know that we MAY get to go home today. The doctor just came in, and said they caught 4 seizures last night so they may have enough information. We knew of two violent seizures, so that means they caught two that we weren't able to see externally. We have been wondering for some time if Jude was seizing at times, and we couldn't tell. The two violent seizures were so bad that the doctor said the nurses called him panicked and crying. They wanted him to come up here, and see Jude. We kept telling the nurses that this is what we deal with everyday, but they were very disturbed. The doctor explained this morning they just aren't used to seeing these violent seizures in an infant. They still have to find which medication is best so my thoughts are they may keep us awhile after they administer the first dose. It would be very nice to get to go home, and sleep in our own bed. Jude has been sleeping most of the morning because the seizures exhausted him. I will keep everyone updated. The doctor should be coming in soon so I am going to go. He is reviewing the MRI that was done in December to see if he concurs, and reviewing the entire EEG from last night. He said he is going to sit down and point everything out to us and explain every facet of each test in detail.

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Bronx Cataldo's said...

Thank God he had 2 bad seizures. Iknow its a terrible thing to say but hopefully they can see what type of seizures he truly has. I had been telling them about Finnian's seizures but we were only in the hospital and hooked up about 15 mins when he had one that lasted about 12mins the nurse was in a panic but he got his diagnoses and on the right meds. All right his seizures are back but its time for an adjustment or change of meds.