Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am so tired

As I stated yesterday for some reason Jude's seizures have increased in frequency. Last night he had a seizure prior to going to bed, then one right before 2 am, and one right after 4 am. After the seizure at 4 I put him back in his bassinet only to listen to his breathing being a bit rattled. The breathing made me nervous so I had difficulty falling back to sleep all I could think about was him NOT breathing so I kept checking on him. In addition the cat was playing, the dogs barking, my husband sneezing, etc etc. I am working on little to no sleep people.

I put another call into the neurologist to try to find out what they think about Jude's seizures increasing. I am beginning to think that he might should take a trip to the pediatrician just to check his ears, and such. Any sickness can cause an increase in seizure activity.

So Mike is having his mom watch Jude for a little while today so he can finish up some work. I am a bit nervous, but I know she will just hold him all day long.

I will post later with information from the doctor.

So yesterday Jude kept making noises in his bassinet so I placed him in my spot in the bed and ........ spoiled huh?
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Linda said...

I LOVE this picture! That is tooo precious. I love how he's so spoiled!!!

Suzanne :) said...

He is so beautiful.