Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seizures Seizures

Jude had FOUR seizures last night....four! That is not counting his ones yesterday either, that was only last night. I am 100% EXHAUSTED today at work (bear in mind each cluster seizure lasts anywhere from 10-30 mins). I have no idea why his seizures are increasing as much as they are. Mike, and I were rather upset last night for various reasons so I thought maybe it was our stress. Although, over the past two weeks the seizures have been increasing in frequency with each day. So I have put a call into Dr Malik to see what he thinks. I told you before that the seizures remind me of a demonic entity that finds it's way through barriers. It seems our nasty entity has yet again maneuvered around the topamax. Poor little Jude is also choking on his saliva from the increase seizure activity. So a specific prayer to stop these seizures would be great.

On another note poor Mike is going very stir crazy in the house. I am not going to go into to much detail except to say this is a very tough situation. I am good and have accepted Jude's situation, working, handling the emotions, etc. The one thing I am not okay with is I cannot fix my husband. He feels so cheated, but loves Jude at the same time. We both know that Jude is not doing as well as we hoped because of the increased seizures, and that brings along new fears. They are fears I hope we can face head on together though, and with lots of faith in our family we can pull through. I am confused on which route to continue to work full time, we both work part time, etc etc. It's hard to know what to do sometimes.

Thanks for your thoughts for Jude. I think he needs them right now.


andrea said...

i am praying to st. jude today for jude, mike, and you. i am so sorry his seizures have increased. how frustrating. i don't know what else to say. i just love that little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly Mackerel said...

I'm sorry it's been rough lately. If Mike wants to get out, I've got an entire houseful of trim that needs paint. I can take care of Jude while he works :) I'm sure that' just what he had in mind LOL! Why don't you leave Jude with his Mom or me for a couple of hours and go have dinner?