Thursday, February 12, 2009

On to the weekend

I found this on Zoey's moms blog tonight, and I wanted to let her know how inspiring it was to me.

Lord,grant me the courage to walk on ...when adversity is around the corner. Lord grant me the faith to walk on ...when the way is dark and I am lost. Lord,grant me the strength to walk on ...when my legs falter and my body fails.Grant me these things, Lord,and I will fear nothing."~Thomas D. Willhite

I left this for my husband on his website because I think it sums up that we have to keep marching forward. Tonight has been a good night! Jude has had zero seizures so far....I am currently crossing my fingers as I write this. Mike and I decided as a parental pair that if Jude does have another night full of seizures we will administer the klonnopin, so Jude can sleep rather than seize. It has also been a good night because ECI visited again today, and they again said how encouraged they are with Jude. She said "He has such a determination about him." She explained to Mike how hard it is for Jude to hold his head up, but yet he keeps trying and works so hard at it. Jude is also using his right hand to try and reach at me. He gets tired before his hand reaches me, but he still tries. Also, he was on his side earlier, and flipped right over to his tummy.

I bounce between thoughts, emotions, and solutions. All I can do is ask those around me to have patience. I thank Kel, and both Sarah's for listening to my spewing of issues. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, but somehow I know it will also be the most rewarding. So please bear with me guys.
Little Jude is playing on his mat, and I am about to make him go to bed. Good night.

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Heather said...

That quote was given to me when we were brand new on this latest leg of Zoey's journey.I am so glad that it in turn has helped you.Remember to be patient ans go easy on yourself.You are new to this difficult,ever changing road but one thing I can promise you is that it won't always feel this heavy.Slow and steady,another mantra thathas also come in handy.