Monday, February 9, 2009


The doctors office called, and my factor V is negative so that is good news. It seems I am just dealing with the platelet issue. Which means I have a bleeding disorder, and not a clotting disorder. So this is something I will deal with.

Cooks just called to schedule Jude's first therapy session with them, and I am currently on hold while they set that up. I did talk with Mike earlier, and it seems that Jude has not had a seizure since the one early this morning. I am hoping the seizures stay at bay, but it seems we are averaging 3-4 a day again.

On a sad note one of the little baby's that I read their caring bridge on passed away yesterday. I logged on to this page to read the always eloquent update, and received the news. His father wrote an update filled with grief that made me bawl at work. No one likes reading that information, but it's unfortunate that these circumstances happen to children. They are in my thoughts and prayers:
There are so many inspirational stories on Caring Bridge, and blogger and then there are those that do not have a good outcome. This little boy was tired though, and his body needed to rest. I know he will be watching his parents from above until they can join him.

The weather is beginning to warm here, and it feels like spring. I can only hope this continues, but with Tx weather it could be 32 by morning. I am going to hope that the sunshine, and warmness continues. I would like to take some pictures of the kids soon outside.

Have a good day everyone. Have positive thoughts, and hug your family.


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