Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow up to the birthday blues

Mike and Jude did show up to take me on my birthday lunch. After a quick trek to the bank we headed to eat some barbecue at my favorite hole in the wall diner. Halfway through our meal I looked over to see Jude's eyes following the seizure path and beginning to flicker. I was pretty much done with eating, so I asked Mike if we could go. We quickly scooped Jude up, and got him in the truck just in time to hear his scream, and cries. I sat in the back with him on our way to the office, and then took him inside to get him out of his car seat. As I walked in I saw a customer standing in the back with Sarah so I quickly made my way to my office, and closed the door. It was a sad scene, but one we are very used to.

About the time Jude's seizure ended my boss did a poor job of sneaking by with a cake. So we all sat back and had a slice of cake, and then my cousin showed up. She had brought me a purse, and a sweat suit to wear at the hospital this weekend. So I saw there holding little Jude as he twitched just a bit longer (this one probably lasted 30 mins total), but also felt thankful for our friends and family. The people that are around us on a consistent basis understand Jude's seizures and how they work. There is no big fuss anymore, some occasional tears, and just acceptance. Our lives move on, and we deal with what is put before us.


Ellen said...

That was sweet. I am glad you got to enjoy your birthday, and that your friends and family are there for you—that's everything, isn't it?

HAPPY, happy, happy birthday. I hope this year brings you unexpected good surprises for you and your family.

andrea said...

good luck this weekend. i pray that the new medication is going to work. God bless Jude.