Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just wanted to give an update on Jude. He had three seizures again last night so his frequency is still not diminishing. He was so adorable though when he woke up this morning because he was Mr. Smiley. Which is even more proof to me that Jude has no idea when his seizures strike. His whimpers, crying, and wheezing still bother me so much, but I know he doesn't remember anything that happens. I let Mike sleep last night with each seizure because I know he deals with this on a daily basis. He said it got to about 7am, and I finally shut down so he took over. He said I just mumbled "your turn buddy". ha! At that time Jude was not seizing , just being restless.

Speaking of Mike, anyone in our situation can tell you that having a special needs child can test your relationship. In my opinion if you survive you will NEVER be apart. We have our ups, and downs but last night was wonderful. He worked so hard on making me a great meal at home. He planned everything down to even the exact minute when certain foods needed to be cooked to coincide with other items being served. He shopped and got the best deal on everything so he bragged on what good deals he got. He also said, several times, that he could out cook me so I smell a cook-off coming on.

I am getting more emails from people reading my blog that are going through similar situations. Helping others is what I want to accomplish with this blog, and is one of the reasons I try to be brutally honest in my writing. I asked Mike to help me get the video's up of Jude's subtle seizures. I think it's even more important now, because I have had several moms ask me "what do they look like". If it weren't for the ones I saw I am not sure I would have caught his first episodes.

Have a great Sunday!! It's back to the rat race tomorrow.

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