Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well tomorrow is Halloween so my little cheer Zombie and my tiny calf (Jude has a cow costume) will be hitting the streets in search of candy. Emily says she is trick or treating until her entire bag is full...........which would take hours so she has another thing coming. She has a sack that looks like a pillow case. I am thrilled she has friends in the neighborhood though we will be seeing. My dreams of her having kids around to play with have come true. She spends more time outside and playing with others since we have moved here. Now if we can just get Sandy and Maddie here we will be set (wink wink Sandy). Oh and my darling husband bought $30 in Halloween candy.......that's right people $30!! GOOD GRIEF...I have Halloween candy out the wazoo! Can you tell he is new to this whole parent thing? It's pretty cute. I put some aside to take back because we need the money with the end of the maternity leave. The even funnier part is he confessed he put 5 other sack back because he thought I would make fun of really? Even with our full haunted house last year and 113 kids we never would have used this much candy. I could supply willy wonka's factory.
On another note I am currently trying to work out Emily's softball, school, and other schedules with my going back to work schedule. I am not sure how it is all going to work out, and it has me a bit stressed out. Even though working is great organizing schedules and trying to meet your kids needs and be difficult. So luckily I have met some nice moms in the neighborhood that stay home, and I think they are going to help me out. They have kids that participate in Emily's extra curricular activities and if they take her I can pick up.
So Jude has become a lot like Emily was when she was a baby. I feed him 4-6 oz about 9:45 and he lays down by 10 or 10:15 and sleep until about 6. He is a great baby!!!!!!!!!! I am very lucky. He started really cooing at me today when I was talking to him. I can tell he is craving the attention, and I try to give him all I can. I could tell that Mike was a little sad today that he doesn't have the funds to keep me at home with his son. I assure him he is still a wonderful dad and it will all work out. He looked at me this morning holding Jude and said "I know I wanted a baby so bad, but I think you got someone you never knew you wanted so badly". I guess he is right because Jude and I are pretty stuck together, and Em just adores him too. Yesterday in the car Em was telling Jude quietly "You see Jude....mommy, you, me and mikey are a little family". It was pretty cute!!!!!! Em also understands she has an amazing dad too so she has a great family all around. She also has wonderful grandparents even though my mom has passed, and is just all around lucky.
So I am still handling the work issue emotionally, and I am sure I will be blogging a lot on Monday. I will most likely be writing from there, and from home. Just thinking about being away from Jude makes me tear up. I wish I had a nursery at work.....ha. Another issue I am having is being hesitant in saying anything negative about my job because I like it there very much. So in saying that I hope this isn't negative, but I have realized I don't really have any room for advancement at my job. It's taken me a long time to step back, and realize I am worth a lot. I am a fast learner, I can handle the job of three people, I can work in a very fast paced environment, I have great communication and selling skills, etc. If you have tried to hire in today's market then you understand how valuable those skills are. I cannot compliment myself often, but I can say I am a pretty da** good employee. I am rather opinionated (who me?) but besides that I am pretty good :). I have been through what seems to be hundreds of receptionist/clerks because they cannot even grasp the basic concepts so I take pride in being a good employee. So I guess that is another issue to wrestle with down the road. Although, I remind myself that in today's economy I should count my blessings that I have a good job with good insurance! Now my cousin will probably leave a comment in regards to my office...ha!
I am off to go to bed. I have one more weekday left and I plan on snuggling with Jude until late in the morning! Good night everyone ~ Sleep tight

My pretty sis and my tiny calf:
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Juders sleeping. You can tell here where the back of his head is a little small.........he is pretty though huh?? Pretty baby.
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And last but not least simply because if I see one more political ad I may puke :) Should be interesting seeing the results though....just days huh?
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