Sunday, October 12, 2008


My allergies are so bad I could probably sneeze myself to Japan! I have tried everything to stop them today Claritin, hot baths, steam, etc etc etc. ugh. Anyway, today was Emily's bday so we did a bday stop at Sweet and Sassy, then went by Justice, and then came home. She has had a big bday weekend, and will additionally have her party with her friends on the 25th.
So on an ugly note we received a notification from our neighborhood today that was not pleasant. In fact my husband came in and told me "your senses always seem to be right". I saw some guy staring at our house the other day, and it just creeped me out! Well turns out some guy was eyeing another house too. I am sure it's just a coincidence, but still the owners of said house saw someone with a flash light in the middle of the night. When they turned on their outside lights I guess the guy ran away, but when they went outside their little girls window had the screen off (YIKES). According to the police.... burglars do not do this, only pedophiles do. GREAT! We live in a nice neighborhood, but it doesn't seem to matter!!! Luckily we have an alarm system, Em is on the 2nd floor, and we have 3 dog alarms in the backyard. If someone so much as sneezes on our house the dogs will bark. In fact I heard them barking the other night, and it turns out Jack (see prior blogs) had gotten out, and Spot was really mad at him. Mike says I have rabbit ears which is funny because my grandfather always said the same thing. Anyway, I digress to the lurker and in response to that I told Mike I was going to buy a large dog for the interior of the house. After he finished laughing at me hysterically I told him I was serious. He then laughed some more..... (Staring blankly at you). So Em will now be CLOSELY monitored at the bus stop, etc. I have been through a lot in my life, but losing one of my children would send me over the edge. I know that would be the 1 thing I could not handle, and I would probably take out the person who did something to them. I know that's horrible to say, but it's true people. Preach forgiveness all you isn't happening in that circumstance...sorry. So I am currently researching Mastiff's ......... you think that's to big of a dog? lol. Can you imagine coming into someones house and seeing a Mastiff staring at you?? They are fiercely loyal, beautiful, docile dogs, BUT big protectors of their family. They won't attack, but they will knock someone on their A$$ and hold them their with their paw until their owner tells them release. Get this...........they are so loyal that they don't even have to have protection joke.

So I mentioned the dang IRS didn't I? I have never really had a problem paying required taxes because I have always thought of it in the sense of, what would you pay to live in America? Well that's priceless so whatever it takes (in my opinion). I am trying to think of how to start this story off because it's a menagerie of issues that are rolled together. First off my husband explained to me that he is the most unlucky person in the world. Based on his past it's a possibility, but I never chose to believe this until recently. I saved for my maternity leave to make sure we could continue to live the lifestyle we are accustomed too. Unfortunately, my maternity leave started much sooner than expected. Luckily, I had also saved more than expected (just didn't tell anyone to make sure it stayed there) although we had more unexpected expenses too (sigh). We are still fine, but still. So my husband had money set aside for him awhile ago that at his request his mom took out of an investment just in case it was needed. The SAME day we got it out.......same day people..........and the same day I wound up in the hospital in pre-term labor........the IRS showed up at our house. Why? because back in 2001 after 9/11 happened my husband had a freight company that went under. Due to that one horrible day air traffic shut down, etc ,etc his small freight business that relies on air transportation could never recover. Therefore, he dissolved the company. It seems the IRS never knew his company was no longer in force, and he never knew he owed past payroll taxes........ARGH! Guess how much it's for? Yep the amount he got out almost to the penny. I never blogged on this before because it's rather a personal issue, but I tell everything here, and others can relate. With everything going on medically at the time my hubby showed up at the hospital almost in tears. He told me what happened, and what did I do? I looked at him and burst into laughter, and he looked at me like I was insane. I said "Babe, all you can do is laugh, I can realize you are the unluckiest person in the world, and we just move along because somehow it all works out". He just smiled back, and we figured out that together we will overcome any situation. He then said "what else could happen??". Two weeks later I was back in the hospital again, with my platelets dropping so rapidly a hematologist was called in.... so we decided never to ask that question again. I did tell him last week "Honey, the good luck is that you took your investment out because due to the economy you probably would have lost half". I then got called Snow White because I am naive, and always find the best in things (hence my name on Myspace) although he smiled and said that's a good thing. I just choose to see the good side, and have confidence it will work out. ALTHOUGH, I do sit back and I look at our current economy. I see how additional taxes have been placed upon those that do not need additional taxes on them. It takes the average American EVERYTHING they earn to live a decent life. There is so much that can be done to improve the normal persons life. I can sometimes see why those less fortunate just give up, and continue with the path they have been traveling down. I would also like to help those less fortunate more than I can now. I guess we could also look at ourselves more though, and find ways to help them huh? I could go on about the current presidential contributions to our horrible economy, but I am torn on that subject. As an American I feel we should support our leader, and also feel that again the president is just a front man to other people that truly make the decisions. The people behind the president are the ones we don't get to vote into office. (oh I feel the soap box coming on) Honestly, can we truly vote the president into office with the electoral college anyway? The electoral college is so far out-dated and needs to GO AWAY! Although, it looks as if we are finally making strides within our country in overcoming issues that are outdated (ie ~ race, issues with women, disabilities, etc) so maybe things are finally looking up.

Jude is so cute and growing like a weed. I will take some pics tomorrow because he is sleeping right now. His head is almost at 14 which is still a little small, but it looks proportioned to his body. The other night at the fair I watched a little boy about 2 in his cute khaki shorts, button down shirt, and spiked hair jump in the bounce house. He was so little that he just kind of went through the motions of trying to jump up and was very cute. I wished to myself that someday I would be putting Jude in the bounce house. In the next moment I turned to see a dad pushing his son in one of the wheelchair for those with Cerebral Palsy, and his son had a helmet. I wondered when they knew their son had issues, and I prayed/hoped to myself. It's strange not knowing the future even though none of us do. Does that make sense? For instance I know that when Em gets up in the morning she will brush her teeth on her own, get dressed on her own, eat on her own, etc. Yet the unknowing is still there. I thought about Christmas too......will he enjoy his Christmases and come down the stairs like she does wondering what Santa brought??

As for myself I have found my abdominal compress from my surgery and have been wearing it around the house. Emily likes to point out the small bulges over the compress...........SIGH! lol. I am down 9 pounds, and am still determined to see that size 6 again :). I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is a pic of Em after Sweet and Sassy.

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