Friday, October 3, 2008

PS. Jude SMILED back at me!!!

I am adding on to today's post below by adding that this evening JUDE SMILED BACK AT ME! He actually smiled at me twice, and you could tell it wasn't due to gas. He was watching my face and listening to me talk to him. He then looked at me and smiled not once, but TWICE! It was the cutest thing ever. It is a bit early so I know it won't continue on a regular basis, but it's such a relief to see that little grin. In addition to that milestone he tracked his dad moving away from him. His eyes watched Mike walk away from us talking. Again, another great accomplishment for Jude!!!
He also has eaten a lot more again today and is currently up to around 5-6 ounces per bottle. I have worried about his weight, length, and head so it's such a great thing to see him eating so heartily. Anyway, I just thought I would share the cute smile story. I will be sure to post a picture when he starts smiling more on a regular basis, and I can actually catch it on film.

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