Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello folks

So sorry I haven't posted..... I didn't really quit I promise. ha ha ha! I have been so busy..........busier than a long tail cat in a room full of rockers (pure Southern drawl for you right there people). Anyway, I ran all day today it seemed. I had a webinar for work which I guess is a seminar well on the web. I also had to conference call with them which is always fun. The one time I had to unmute myself to ask a question Jude made himself known, and everyone had a large laugh at our expense :). After that I had to take his toy box we received as a gift back which made me sick. Let me explain........his room is in a barnyard theme and we picked these adorable pieces to go with it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I opened the rocking chair first and it is SO adorable and just like the picture above. I proudly put it together myself (because darling hubby took to long) and it turned out great. I then opened the 1000 pound (ha) toy box to put it together and was shocked at what I saw. The sides of the toy box which are the barn itself were............HOT PINK!!!!!!!!!! "Hot pink????" I said in horror. I called hubby down for his opinion and without saying a word I pointed and he angrily said "um why does my son have a pink toy box". Sigh. I then looked on line and slapped myself in the head. Of course, it's hot pink, but I honestly thought it was a light shade of red...sigh. Oh well the rocker is just adorable in his room, and the barn on the rocker IS a light red. The sad part is when I called the company about returning it the nice lady that answered the phone insisted it was light red. "Um no ma'am it's definitely hot pink" I said. She said they must have changed the colors and to take it back to Babies R Us. So I ventured out on my hour hike to Babies R Us, only to get stuck behind a malfunctioning light in Keller. Which is basically like being stuck behind the presidential limo heading up through a major city. I convinced Emily not to ask "when will we be there" again, and finally reached our destination. I then dealt with the cashier saying "those have to be sent to the company", and me replying "I did contact them they said to bring it here". I then glared at the manager and mentioned my hour drive, and he gave me store credit. PERFECT.......i got a plethora of items Jude needed including more formula. He is officially in a size 3 months which makes me jump for joy!!! His little head is growing as well, and he is even rocking side to side. I also got him a little barnyard kicking mat that lights up and signs to him....HE LOVES IT!

So today Mike and I were discussing finances because it's right after the 15th, and we have to pay bills. He mentioned how he new things would get rather tight "near the end". I heard his words echo "Near the end of my maternity leave". One part of me wanted to fall to the floor and cry my eyes out that soon I was going to have to pass Jude off in the mornings. Regardless of the fact that Mike's mom will be watching him it still breaks my heart. The other part of me was a little satisfied that I would at least be with Sarah in my normal surroundings, but I would still prefer to be with Jude and Em. It's so nice being able to attend more of Em's school functions, be here when she gets home, have her friends over to play after school, and to be with Jude all day. As stated before I was gone for awhile with Em today and when I got home Jude was resting on his dads chest. All I said was "Hi Jude" in my high pitched mommy loves you voice and he perked up, smiled, and cooed. Mike seems a little irritated and happy at the same time that he is so responsive to me. Jude has been very vocal today, in fact I caught him mid coo to me in this photo:
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I just adore him and Em.

So on another note I went to Ny and Company last night to try to find a sexxxxxxxxxxy dress to wear for my wedding anniversary I have been talking about. Yes, I am stressed about leaving Jude but not as much as you would think. I know Sarah will take excellent care of him! Anyway, so I decided to try on several adorable dresses that would normally look awesome on me. I had lost another 2 lbs according to my scale so I went into the store with the label Ms. Confident across my chest. I left the store with my tail between my legs holding a nice pair of pants and a silver shirt...sigh...and a label "not there yet". I had gone into the store earlier in the day, but Mr Jude fussy pants wanted no part of shopping. So the nice sales lady put my dresses aside for me. You could tell she is a mom because they were there when I showed back up at I tried them all on and came out looking a bit sullen. She said "I guess they didn't work. What are you looking for?". I replied, " I just had the baby you saw earlier 6 weeks ago, and I need something that doesn't make me look like a cow!". She said "well let's try something black". Sigh, ugh, she agrees..........ha! Anyway, luckily the pants were a size 10 so only 4 size to go. I found some nice jewelry, am getting my hair done for free from my hairdresser friend, and Mac is doing my make up because I needed new powder and such anyway. So I am determined to be ONE HOT MAMA! ha ha.

Also, on a side note.........the festival we went to the other night that I mentioned had several vendors there. One of them was for a "doggy day spa"........I know you people love your animals but really? If people really pay for a doggy suite with a plasma tv when they go on road trips they have TOO MUCH DAMN MONEY! I mean really????? You wouldn't believe the price if I told u. Our dogs would be happy with a snausage, and a rubber ball. Gees!

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