Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok guys. I had to nap and regroup my thoughts because they were running rampant in every direction. I am a little emotional right now because I am going back to work, and I guess this doctor visit depressed me a bit. So I had to get myself together and tell myself to get over it! ;).
Let me explain... each time we go to the doctor I hold out a little hope that what the MRI originally showed will be wrong. That faith, hope, and love will overcome Scientific information. We have beaten the small cerebellum, and the small corpus callosum, but it just doesn't look like we will overcome the cortical thinning. I guess deep down I have known this too, call it a mothers instinct. That's not saying I think Jude will be different because I believe each person is wired in their own way, and who says your brain isn't wired differently than mine? There isn't anyway in 1973 they would have known I had enlarged brain vents, or water in the back of my brain. We didn't have all these fancy tests when I was born. Now again let me explain for those that are new. Jude does not have hydrocephalus which is like a sponge and when the water is released the brain returns to normal. Jude has water in the place of where brain should be.............. BUT he is tiny and the brain continues to grow. We personally choose to believe that again Jude's brain will compensate. As stated below we told the doctor that Jude has been smiling more, rolling, and just acting like a baby! Mike and I have talked about what issues if any that Jude may have an adopted the attitude that "Can't" will not be in our or his vocabulary. So Jude is a little cranky from his shots, and is wanting to be held a lot but I don't mind. I was finally just able to lay him down in his bassinet......... but I keep seeing a tiny lil hand coming up. It's pretty funny because all we see if a hand that looks like it's waving at us. I am a little concerned on his weight, but he seems like he eats a lot to me.
On a funny note my daughter is writing a paper on what she would change if she were president. Well she asked us what we thought and anyone that knows us knows...my husband goes off on TANGENTS when you ask him something political. So now Emily's paper is riddled with the kid written versions of all that. So when he got home I told him to go read Em's paper, and I crossed my arms. He just said "uh oh". Oh dear.............kids do listen don't they? I guess at least she is learning and listening. Most kids will reward the world everyday with pizza! My kid wants solar powered vehicles for everyone, a national health care system, better education in jail to rehabilitate, harsher punishment for everyone including the rich when they get caught with hard drugs, etc. ............ oh my.......lol! She proudly said "They are hanging it on the wall outside". I just looked at my husband and said "You are taking the call!" and walked off.

Ps ~ I saw on the news that there are a lot of animal shelters suffering in our area (they showed the Garland animal shelter). This is caused by the downturn in the economy, and therefore people are not donating to animal shelters. Well as a result the animals are running out of food. If you go to the grocery store please pick up a bag of cat/dog food, and drop it at your local animal shelter. It only takes a few minutes, or if you don't have time send them a check. I mean even $5 can help buy a bag of food. Poor little animals don't have any food to eat!!! It's very sad!

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Dawn D. said...

""Can't" will not be in our or his vocabulary"

Good for you. My Mom's cousin was born w/ spina bifida, and her parents always hid her from the world. She stayed in her bedroom and did puzzles, and for a while they just put her in a "home". I never could understand it. Then I met my friend Joe's wife. She has spina bifida, is married, and a customer service manager for a medical supply company. Her parents had the same awesome attitude that you all have.

On another note, I live in a Democratic state, but am married to a Republican who is instilling all his values into my children- (his step children). My son goes to school and gets into political debates with all of his teachers!! - Oh yeah, their Daddy is a Democrat, so it makes for interresting Daddy weekends!!! I myself choose to be neutral independant with the feeling that the best person for the job should be elected regardless if they are Democrat or Republican.

Have a great day.